September 17th, 2003


m, pseudonepotist.

i drank sake with my girlfriend last night, the first alcohol injestion since the night of the altercation. sitting up in bed with her reading & drinking is like holding a pistol in your hand, concealed beneath the desk. & you're wearing a bulletproof vest. when they come for you. she makes this monster invincible & puts the glint on my talons. meanwhile, i tread water. but i think things are about to change.
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    crown me king feat. cex- "viagra trannies (elf pr0n dub)"
cigarette burns

m, the cramp in your style.

filling out templates has been my m-is-for monster-odus operandi, whether it has been the will saves of an antinomist or the religion of the goblins. so maybe i'll be able to sway that into filling out the details of a blank resume- for the army of m, it is time to go to muster. my adorable jenny will help with that, her the little children to my m. kelly. fuck, look at all those m's. why've i been feeling so third person lately?

ps. the deeping well is the heart's blood of the great cistern of blaine.
pps. rustmrik, sitting on the blade throne, the black pupils of his eyes the spiraled bore of a rifle. he is the spider at the center of the goblin's tangled web of politics religion. & he is ever so hungry.
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    crown me king feat. baroni- "danger mouse must die"