September 11th, 2003


m, demiurge.

okay so now i'm pretty solidly in the land of the damnned. which is to say the land of the bored. & don't give me any crap about only boring people are ever bored, because i'm a fucking prisoner in this broken flesh masque. which by the way i think makes me look worse now than ever. before i looked broken; now i look like an ogre. a cooped up monster. & to make matters worse my inner geek is getting his jones on for the players handbook 3.5 & maybe one other dnd book. like maybe that damn magic of faerun- as a player i didn't get its charm but as a dm i think i'm starting to see why kingtycoon recommended it to me. jenny got me lots of index cards- what i intend to do is write all the spells on a card & then start dealing them out into new spell lists. why is analyze dweomer such a high fucking level? why are fireball & lightning so accessable? i like dnd 3rd ed. alot, but we still have some serious depating of philosophies. nothing a little jiggering won't fix.

the thing is, now i can do something. just so long as it isn't much of something. like, don't people want to get together & play risk or do something low impact? like, i'm up to the challange of hanging out. i'm a juggernaut building back up to speed- who wants to help me throw coal in the fire while i get up to full speed?
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modern nazgul

sheer crookedness.

the clandestine armistice of colour; the abandonment of prism & hue, of shade & shimmer. before anyone knew it, everything was a fetching fade, umbral & black. the deeps were the most unefected, the things there having long usurped the rods of their eyes for better fare. creche's of fiendish things, long concealed, came forth to new strife & bedevilment.

his name is elijah sandalphon. i'm mordacious schadenfreude. we are going to wrestle. cage match.

me & the incarnates, we're your idols. put us on your spaceships like plastic jesuses & we'll guide you home through hyperspace. slot me into your beatitudes, dudes. i'm the pineapple grenade in your sanctuary. i'll usurp all thrones. i'll not be bound by formulae & incantations & other galling hexes. placate me is more like it, with sacrament & sacrafice, or i rebuke & obliterate.

here is the truth of what happened to me. i traveled through time to 1943 where i was tortured. then i returned to this time in order to have the titanium put into my face in order to resist mind control rays. when the invasion by the children of another star comes, i will not be swayed. in 1945 america will drop atomic weapons on japan. i think i was tortured in korea- i challange archeologists to locate the special prison that was used. need further inpho; must ply girlfriend with sweetwords. my pillowtalk is full of candy conversation hearts! one time bjork fell in love with me- she is one freaky chick!
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here are some photos of me from many moons ago, taken by sullenopiate during our whirlwind tour of the eastern seaboard. dynoflagellates were involved, as well as my first time ever for sushi.

alternately to each of these links, here is the photo album.

nexus 6.
some of me with an albino me take my pleasures from the serpent, replicant lover!

goth ninja.
this is my friend ben bird. he used to come visit me all the time from pennsylvania- his friend moved to ohio, became my friend, then ben visited, & i stole him. he went through alot of morphing while i knew him, which basically meant he changed clothing fashions & would change 1/2 the songs on his mp3 list. the other 1/2 was consistantly rpg music. he sold his car so he could get his entire back tattooed, though, & i lost track of him.

ps. my mouth hurts more often lately. mostly because i can move it, i just can't move it really. roger? like, the healing has begun but the range of motion is stil pretty small. so i'm trying to not like, tear off my lower mandible through vigorous gum flapping.
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modern nazgul

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dear all gothy motherfuckers who play vampire: the masquerade (malkavian antitribu represent!) or generally like undead-on-undead dramaqueen action: it is not fucking cool to cry tears of blood. it is gross & you get little microscopic flakes of scabs on your face that don't show up till precisely the most disgusting time possible. also, when you dab it with a kleenex, instead of a wet, mostly clean kleenex, you get a bloody biohazard. so i suggest the path of death & the soul or the path of the scorched heart or something like that, just to save on your "ick" factor. seriously, i'm not fucking kidding, bleeding out of your eye is fucking sick.

luckily, i bleed & puss out of my eye! for extra sweet fucking trainspotting points. at least during the day my eye stays open- at night, this alchemical mixture of bodily fluid crusts me up like barnacles on a treasure chest. the kind of treasure chest where you would find it & say "fuck that, its covered in ochre jam/ooze/pudding/etc." yeah, actually, thats just what its like. its like i've taken my first fucking level in oozemaster or thrall of jubilex. & for good measure take 1d6 damage from my slam attack (titanium headbut). ps. sid cobweb fucking rules! metalheads are the wave of tommorows pcs! pps. how much does it cost to enchant my "faceplate of holding my skull together" & what sort of enchantments should i put on it? does it count as a helm, or what? & how does this effect my ability to use the eye of vecna?
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goblin sneak

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"last change brigade? its probably not a very good name for a rescue mission..."

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i miss you, little buddy. don't worry, i havn't forgotten about you. maybe when i'm real bored next time, i'll translate you into mr. kingtycoon's revised rules set, set your sights at 11th level in his little system. since i am "all set" with my new face! haw haw you sneaky little goblin. do me a huge fucking favor & tell me what a good domain power for the "goblin" domain would be, huh? be a pal, a sweetheart.
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