August 19th, 2003


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so russia wants to build a nuclear power plant on mars in the next thirty (30) years. good for them. yurie, mir, etc? the russians now go for mars. looks like the american space program might just end up a blip in the history books, huh? i don't really understand the russian zeitgeist, but it has to be pretty cool in at least some respects, huh? i mean, we even called them "the evil empire" for years & years.

yesterday i met up with jenny for lunch on her break from work, then i went & met debs at st. mark's books. we stopped by a wine bar & a sake bar while catching up on "old times" or whatever it is we do. its funny; we sometimes end up telling the same story as we told last time we saw each other, since our visits & our emails are so sporadic. after that, we went to brooklyn where i met her godson thoreau, which we both insisted on calling thor. he is one & a half (1 1/2) years old, & went to the florida keys for vacation a few months ago. while we were visiting them, he started shouting for mamu-mamu! which is apparently what he named a particular bird that he saw in the keys, & now sometimes he insists on seeing pictures of it. since there is more than one picture, we had to flip through the stack looking for just the one he had in mind.
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m-ouse ears.

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hooray for days when she calls off work & all we do is go grocery shopping, have lots of sex, & watch movies. oh, & my new tea of choice is "vanilla almond" just for posterity's sake. also, oatmeal cookies are pretty fucking tasty!
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