August 14th, 2003


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citizens of earth. my duration at kent state is now come to an end. please prepare for planetary bombardment. it is entirely possible that your feeble perceptions do not contain the scope necessary for awareness of the orbital attack; in this case, please disregard this message in its entirety.

i hate that "sweet & spicy" really means "fucked up & awful citrus flavor."

in prufer's class he picked me as the proctor because doctor (dr.) spurlock had said that i was responsible. welcome to the world of hellraiser & spock's beard. his exam was tricky, because uh, one of the questions was from the book. i honestly didn't even know there was a book. it was apparently on the syllabus that i never got, but he never once mentioned it in class. fuck that question though; i killed on the chippewa vs. the mundurucu question & on the pathology of the germanic culture. did i say that julius ceasar predicted hitler taking poland? god damn right i did.

the principals of thinking final was fifty (50) multiple choice questions. so basically that was fifteen minutes (00:15) of hard work. though i will admit i was relieved when he put up on the board the typo about the modus tollens question. 'cause i was all "uh, isn't what he has here a little bit of denying the antecedent?" after that i hung around with demario, paul, & eric while eating free cookies & exchanging email addresses.
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