August 2nd, 2003


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i want to care? i want to repeat tonight's events as text. but guess what? in two weeks, i am gone forever. there are some people that i will miss hardcore this way? but if you arnt them (clue: ever game with me?) then i don't care at all about your life. i war vs. pyramids & zigguruts. seriiously? you may think you are unaverage? but we are un-average. or at least i am. kill me, & then see if you are loved. i am your prince. either kill me or obey me.

abandon the war, soldier.

you know, while i'm talking about specifics here, let me couch it in general terms. a good proof that certain people can't hold their liquor is their livejournal. i mean, getting drunk & updating nonsense is part of the whole experiance. to have a record of your impaired thoughts is part of the internet fueled life. but one way i've decided to tell if someone can hold their liquor? if, the next morning, they delete everything that they said while drunk? i call them a coward & a light-weight.

also, i think sexuality is a sliding scale of percentages. i mean, without accounting for extreme outliers like cracker-jack fetishists or transexuals who love only fruit, at least. i mean, everyone is some queer, some straight. even the straightest & the queerists. my position isn't so crazy, i don't think. i've often said that all girls are lesbians, since in my opinion & experiance is true. since the weird germanic decent of america means that there is some weird non-greek homo stigma, i think it prevents that from being the same for boys. i'm just curious if guys would be as gay as girls are dykes. see, its hard for me to even fathom. 'cause like, there just isn't any blaming lesbians. girls are all hot & soft & smell nice. of course everyone should want to have sex with them!
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obscene weather (idolatry & mexico can fucking wait).

this bullet in the belly of a saturday morning sickness. i mean, get up at seven o' clock in the morning (7:00am) & mosey around the corral. check all the rulers nailed into the walls. everything bigger inside than out, just like me, everything is acid in glass flasks. i'm trying to shed this skin of a shut in & get my body schismed & out the door. its august now, & i don't know that anybody has anything to say about august other than to speak about its ending. or how its ending. its certainly scissors enough for me. the deep scars of agriculture even on the perspective of this city-bound boy right here. oh, happy harvest. i'll carve the pumpkins into skulls myself.

i need to make a resume even to get a job maybe as a host at some fancy restraunt in new york. does experiance in forensic fieldwork & cadaver dissection help get hosts hired? or as i have put it: i know dead from dead. stop moving everybody! it will be my new variant of heads up seven (7) up. though its been rightly pointed out that i don't actually remember how to play that game so much anymore these days. do they play it in hospitals, every doctor masqued like scaramouche & ever patient the dying heroine of a french film? all of them dying for a cigarette or a backhoe to dig their grave.

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blur shotgun

i cut my teeth on worse than you.

washing my hands of the mornings aborted efforts at going to the gym. i came, i saw, i got bored. i roam on, schools of fish scattering from my path. my girlfriend called me just now, going up to cape cod with her fucking ex. i'm a coal, i'm the fire that first was sparked. i smolder like anything. i grow extra teeth, sharper talons. but its cool, i'm like mister fucking orange. i'm cool like fonzie. i'm every tatantino cliche because i feel like i've got a gun in my pocket. plus it worries me that she smokes so much. thats cool, thats okay. i'm just a vent at the bottom of the ocean, spitting out brimstone.

i have two (2) new composition notebooks.
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    the red elvises- "my love is killing me."