August 1st, 2003


shoot from the hip.

the duration of my sentence in ohio expires on august sixteenth (08/16/03) at four forty post-meridian (4:40pm). after this i will be a resident of new york city. look for me at the turn of the tides.
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goblin sneak

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its funny to me that one of the reasons i decided to be an anthropologist is because i'm intrested in social technology. i mean, just looking around its so funny how there just hasn't been any advancement in the human condition. how the past four (4) years had a strong element of rival father-son diads. george bush & george "dubbya" bush vs. saddam hussien & his sons. shit, how dawn of time is that fucking shit? dubbya even inherited the god damn presidency. the whole bush clutch has nepotism written on their coat of arms. & then the wolf at the door going after saddam's sons to the tune of thiry million dollars ($30,000,000.00)? come on guys, get out of the sandbox.

but really, the more i study about this shit, the more i start thinking that maybe social tech is a waste of time. i mean, if humanity can survive till there is the creation of a post-human contingent, i'll throw my lot in with them. really, the other break that could really give a strong in for it would be an apocalypse. nuclear war remnants might be willing to try all kinds of new things. a diaspora of all mankind could be just the sort of diversification thats needed. which is really my problem with fascism in most of its forms- the monolithic face it presents encourages homogenization. i don't mind the unified front, but there needs to be all sorts of cross breeding & co-mingling.

its a fucking shame that all anthropolical research has to be investigative. i mean, there is the problem of the fact that you can never repeat an archeological dig, on one hand. & despite some of the hard sciences looking down on the invasive nature of anthropological investigations, there is the comfort of physics to keep us warm- all you motherfuckers are being invasive. thanks bohr for giving us ammunition for the guns of our bitterness. the thing is though, i want to make my anthropological experiments. its like poor b.f. skinner, getting flak for making psychological experiments. man, just give me a fucking chance & i could make being human count for something.
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bruises & guts.

no reord of this. i got really drunk & loaded my mothers car with my stuff. i went to the kentwood. i give it a 7 on creepy, from urinal cake smell & other nonsense. i am not who i am. or at least who i appear to be. why was my mother in my apartment so much today. it terrifies me to thing about what might actually matter to me. if you can guess? if you ever touch anything that i love? i will fucking murder you. i will go to prison forever for love. maybe you were right when you said what you did. i'm afraid, see.
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