July 11th, 2003


a handsome devil with coffin eyes.

all everything is diamonds complaining. shores i can't get wrecked on. every bar i show up to might as well be empty, gaped tooth with townies & over weight rockers. is the bouncer talking to me or is there mosquitos in flight, powerlines over the steeple, something. i just shove my id at anything that asks. it expired on my birthday this year, me shedding it like a spider molts skin. back home i'm a pin-prick constellation wrapped around a marmalade jar. cut me up to make valentines, those slim black construction paper hearts.
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    if i told you my bones were hollow.
goblin sneak

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its a golden age of late night television (tv) i think. two episodes of the hugley's, one right after the other? then chris hardwick's daring deadpan during shipmates? & now on street smarts the coolest guy in the world is on, the featherweight boxing champ of the world. i don't understand how anybody can be hating on television (tv), & i only get three channels. crap, elimidate is on now. i like how the more "respectable" local affiliate (43) cuts into the blander sitcoms around the same time as the warner brothers syndicate (the wb) kicks in with the sleaze. haha, king guido is on elimidate!
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    comercial break.
m-ouse ears.

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i went & saw the leauge of extraordinary gentlemen this morning at the first showing. it was my first time seeing a movie in a theater by myself, & i paid in change. my feelings on the film are neutral. hyde's transformation scenes were very well done, though i didn't think he got nearly the screen time i would have liked. nemo was solid, but i feel like if you've managed to fuck up captain nemo, then you are a total fucking tool. dorian grey & tom sawyer also didn't ruin it for me. there were the films fair share of iffy moments, but i went in expecting a wreck (directed by the same guy as blade is supposed to be a good thing?) & was somewhat pleasently surprised.

today is pravda's birthday. she's the best parts.
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