July 5th, 2003

closeup samurai

mindful of the gunpowder in fireworks.

well i feel like a warmed over puddle of death this morning. our party last night went off intrestingly enough. plenty of people showed up that i know i've never seen before. i don't know what sickness my roomate & his brother have- its like they get to be in rob's stick in the mud club when we decide to have a party. aaron will actually tell people on the telephone that our party is going to suck. last night he told people that maybe he'd end up going to the bars. unfuckingbelievable.

of course, eventually more people show up than can fit inside our apartment at one time. i'm personally astounded that the beer held out as long as it did- i'm wondering if all of the black guys from foreign countries are muslims. like, maybe they just weren't drinking the first drop the old fashioned way. anyhow, i ended up showing different people pictures of jenny, because they'd never seen her (& they asked me to see pictures), & eventually at the end of the night i went swimming. anastasia, erika, me, isaac, & matt all got in the water, & played shit like marco polo, shark & minnows, & pickle in the middle.

as for drinking, i had some cheap vodka after one thirty (1:30am), but really i wasn't drinking to heavily. today i feel like a abused child beat down with soap on a rope. i almost threw up in the bathroom earlier, & i can't really get back to sleep. i think i may have swallowed too much chlorinated water while i was in the pool last night. i don't know, i'm just effing out of it. jackals in the desert of the cavity in my abdomen.

i saw the newest james bond movie (die another day) yesterday when nine brought it over. i thought it had its charm. that is to say, if you find pretty girls & explosions charming. i certainly do. i mean, they had a spy car fight! how cool is a spy car fight. pretty cool, it turns out. then we played the ps2 bond game, nightfire, which is all done up like its own stand alone movie. my codename was "m raker."

oh, earlier yesterday tris & i took caliban to the cleveland airport, & oops maybe we only got him there with ten (10) minutes to catch his flight. his eventual circumstances are still unknown to us, whether he ended up getting to the plane on time or if he had to take another flight out. either way, he left his blind guardian cd here for me. already people i groaning when i insist on putting on metal. but its metal about the silmarillion!
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mewling kitten blue.

you have no idea how bad a sucker i am, chinabones. but thats alright, thats okay. i'll stay tentacle. i'll paint the faces on eggsacks & stay mired in the tar-pit of the paragons. did i ever tell you that i didn't have a social security number for a while? an illegal immigrant stole it; when the authorities discovered that it had been stolen, it was deactivated, without anyone ever telling me. this was shortly after my stint as the royal torturer for the hapsburgs, but a long time before i was a union soldier on the occasion of the war between the states (that time when i wrote those letters on the animus of death & the salient earmark of the occult being actual occlusion).
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