July 3rd, 2003

blur shotgun

the modern nazgul.

last night we traveled across many strange lands, stopping briefly in the middle of downtown akron on a dead-end called "grace alley." realized, the fuck, thursdays is the grave of a good bar. tris_tessa came over for gin & juice. we played games & there was all around fun. tommorow she will escort mr. caliban to the airport. but uh, eff wednesday nights.

this morning i fell half-asleep while masturbating half-asleep. this quarter-asleep meant that i dreamt that i actually had sex with jenny. so that was pretty cool. except when i woke up there was this big empty bed. oh woe, etc.

today so far caliban & i got ice cream & then saw t3. he enjoys the post- in post-apocalyptic, whereas i'm a sucker for the apocalypse itself. there were lots of robots & guns, so consider that my hearty recomendation. of course, cal & i both like a great many terrible movies, so i suppose you have to draw your own conclusions.

insects curled up on glass is tonights secret agenda! don't let anyone know.
(black sheep expect trouble!)
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    godspeed you black emperor!- "rockets fall on rocket falls."

ymub kmzm kdwm qrud lnek scfp ma.

there are one hundred & thirteen (113) earths. i've eaten twelve (12) so far to date. at sixty-five million (65,000,000) years, i'm hardly getting started. but oh how my intrest is piqued by astounding facts. do you know that perhaps thousands (1000s) of american citizens do not know about the antartican ruins? that ranks up there in stupidity with the guys who decided to call those cephalopod thingies giant squids instead of kraken proper like. oh well. once they develop their capacity for interstellar travel, things with change. i've seen it before, on other earths, & it won't be pretty. i told howard phillip that his warnings would not sow the seeds he meant them to.

in calcutta today i saw a parseltounged chinaman dressed in the most exquisite finery. he prattled on like a jackdaw, earning him the ill will of many other jet setters, but i lent him my ear. he told me of the spread of the gloaming (laced with dire portents, of course- practically dripping!) throughout all of french indochina. it filled my heart to glee to see the first of eleazor maidstone's signs finally fufilled. the stars are finally coming into alignment, & i challange all those of like mind to stand atop their ziggurats & tell me otherwise. then prepare. our time is soon, & an end to the foes of war.
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