June 25th, 2003

m-ouse ears.

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in my dream the girl in juvie said she was fond of me but hated me more than anyone else ever. then she asked if i smoked gin cigarettes. i tried to write a letter to get permission to take her to the three-dimensional (3-d) movies on the back of half-used printer paper.

last night i hung out with avatar_x & his girl kittenlid. there were a few brews had, which i sort of regret now, because i feel all gross. the unabashed heat of my apartment wasn't to kittenlid's liking, i can tell you that much. orie & i played some of the impossible contra: shattered soldier, & then there was some tetris going around, but we eventually settled on watching josie & the pussycats, one of my all time favorite movies. then later i got on the computer!

today i'm working on job applications. i hate applying for jobs. once i have a job, it isn't that hard for me to go to it. i just hate applying for them. hate hate hate. maybe it is the fact that i could be rejected by the sort of fuck off middle managers who are the worst part of occupational exsistance. maybe it is the concesion to reality before it becomes part of the calloused over routine of the mundane. i just need to start looking at things as more of a game. i mean, i can only improve my life by segments it appears. i've started going to the gym again. i havn't missed a class yet. those are me responding to my descision to get my act together. next i tackle the hurdle of employment, i guess. then after that all thats left is my hate for faceless & unearned authority.
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so i really hate eating. i mean, the entire notion of a compulsion to put consumables into my belly is just troubling. now, this doesn't mean i am not constantly eating. i am. i need lots of food! thats what disturbs me. that i need it. although its cool to chew things up. chewing & biting are okay, but peristalsis gets creepy after the swallowing part. that said, there are some foods that i genuinely enjoy. sushi, hijiki-tofu from dojos, burritos from chipotle, & skyline chili.

skyline chilli brings me to my point today. what the fuck science? i can't believe you are still cramping my style with having to take the tray of my microwavable food out of the box & make me poke holes in the cover. that isn't convienance, thats inconvienance. you are telling me you can't make a package that is self-hole cutting? that is 100% bullshit, & i am calling you out on it. i am putting a bounty out on the "stick in microwave & nuke" package. invent it & you will get my laundry money- i am willing to say that on the internet, thus making it true. nasa, i'm looking at you, & you too guys who make capri sun.
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