June 11th, 2003


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last night, ms. alice "quietlyecstatic" S. came over to my apartment in her boat of car. i was groggy from making with the nap & the glass of wine, but as soon as i decided to go over to visit rukiya, i got with the program very effectively, with no goto line 10's. i met rukiya's roomate, janice, & her "i just got out of a relationship with my ex-fiance" good friend; i also met the tiniest girl in the world, nichole. & man, demario was there. demario is rukiya's fella', but i've only met him the once, & i got a pretty guns of navarrone vibe off him. but maybe rukiya is the sort of friends in one pile & boyfriend in the other kind of girl? also, it might be that he thought rukiya & i used to make out, which is untrue & so now-abouts its a non-issue.

we played a pretty crazy game of monopoly. for one thing, it was my star wars monopoly, so everyone was running around going "who just landed on the gungan sub? i got to get my bills!" which was just fucking hillarious. plus, with seven people, the game of monopoly is substantially weird. then there is the fact that it got cut-fucking-throat. rukiya & nichole teamed up & demario ended up with immunity everywhere on the board more or less. there were some heated argument & snide side comments. so basically, a fuckload of fun. after the game rukiya, alice, demario & i sat around reminscing about old board games like stratego, & teaching each other new card games. that conversation led itself to mention geek conventions, for the stratagy game angle. then i talked long & hard about forensics & got to impress everybody.

after that, alice & i came back here & accidentally played tetris till 5 in the morning (5:00am). thanks for buying videogame crack aaron. oh, but i can't be mad at my roomate. he got a job at mcdonalds. this is entirely true. he got a job at mcdonalds & brought home a sack of food last night. he's taking lifeguarding classes but right now he is flipping burgers. uh...okay! & he also never called back the hot girl, & on his date with her he gave her a hug when she clearly went in for the kiss. my roomate, ladies & gentlemen, king of the normals. & partially inept. i try to help him! i'm a helper.
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cigarette burns

further interview adventures.

skyscrapers asked me.
1) describe the sound of your voice. generous use of metaphorical allegory encouraged.

does anyone like the sound of their own voice?

sometimes i pound the letters in the middle of words into the air like nails into a cross. i don't mean like jesus, i mean like barabas. where other people with slur over them, drunk, i, drunk let them slur me. but apart from that i fear i sound like a rumble in the belly of a whale of the deeps.

2) what's your favourite user-info interest? 'cause you're seemingly all about them.

i have to have a favorite? let me maybe go by "type," because there is rhyme & reason to them. see, the thing about my intrests is that i'm more intrested in things i do than what others are in, so alot of them pertain to me.

my favorite one that is a quote of something i've said is maybe "even skylab crashed." which i said to cortney when we talked before she left forever. my favorite one related to the dnd thing i'm making is either "pravisant the pentamerous" or "seid'ade cult of personality." my favorite goblin one is "goblin manifesto." my favorite one shared by jenny is "daughters named antigone." the one that i quote from a book is "this every hive believe" from cobralingus. my favorite fictional band thing is "the last narwhal" which is crown me king's big ballad based on the last unicorn. hell, i like them all.

3) even wicked princes have weak spots. where should one theoretically stick the knife?

i fell pretty much to pieces when jenny cheated on me those years ago. i mean, heartbreak is a tried & true method, inn't. but i was still sharp then; just impossible to pick up. tying me up in that way can be effective. otherwise, just put faceless bueracrats with unearned authority in front of me. i hate those fucking guys.

4) why does cranberry juice taste like death?

because its good for you! how are you going to know something is medicinal unless it tastes bad? just be glad it isn't anything like grapefruit juice.

5) how do you know it's love?

doll, i'm the wrong person to ask this question. what i know about love you could fit in a thimble & have room for a thumb besides. its love, & that is what i know. the howfors & nuts & bolts i can't help you with.

avatar_x enjoys salsa.

1.) Why does violence hold such an attraction for you? Is it something innate, or something external?

most things with me are internal; i am introverted in motivation. i may latch onto something outside, but usually as an outlet for an internal drive. so it is no surprise that violence is from the inside, out. i wasn't burnt by cigars as a kid or taunted by bullies in high school. but i know knives get cold, & want to be warmed by flesh. i know bullets fit best in brain pans. i just know it.

2.)Also, you like to go on a bout Armageddon a lot. What's up with that?

well, to be clear, its judeo-christian in metaphor because my mother made me attend church. i don't have any real ties to being a post-christian besides an attraction to the mythology. but the thing about the end of the world is that something has to change, something important has to change & every assumption held is rendered invalid. things collapse; which means that false things collapse. & everybody who is anybody will be attending this black tie event with bells on.

3.) A twist on one of the questions you asked me- Our D&D group somehow falls through an open PHB and lands in a D&D (pick a setting) world. What classes are we, and what are our roles within the party?

i think these types of questions are so fun. it was a pleasure to read your responses, because in the end, people as questions because they want to hear about themselves, too. so let me run this down for us. since you said phb, i'll stick with traditional classes. hmm, this is harder than you would think it would be.

kingtycoon what, there is no numenorean racial pick? he's multiclassed like nobody's bussiness. i know he wants that paladin, but does he strike you as the thoughtlessly devout?
magurast is going to swing it ranger style, i think. he might multiclass with ranger when he gets introspective, & realize how underated that class is.
azalin560 is, come on, a human wizard. complete with funny hat.
jjjiii is a hard one to decide on. maybe he's our rouge.
megaspav i could see as the cleric, actually. thanks for the d8 hitpoints!
renwick is the wizard on the route towards alienist as fast as fast can be.
mordicai is an ecl creature. but i'm classing in sorcerer & will take the blackguard prestige class when i qualify at like, twelfth level.
avatar_x enjoys long walks on the beach, classing as barbarian, & dabbling a little in some of the other honeypots. he's looking for a prestige class that really ties things together.

4.)Your duplicate from the mirror universe just jumped out of your bathroom mirror. What are they like? What do you do?

obviously, i have a beard. judging from ToS, the mirror mirror boys arn't all that diffrent, they just get to be klingons. judging from bizzaro, though, w am doing opposite of m or something. if it is the former, me & w are going to go back to his more brutal & less constrained world, where we will team up. if it is bizzaro w, then i don't know. i imagine he um...isn't everyone in bizzaro world superman?

5.) Is the difference between James and M more of a sudden break, or did James eventually change into M?

its really neither. james is biological fascade, m is who i am. though counterintuitively, in a way that is less dualistic than it sounds there. i mean, there never really was a james. even growing up, when my family said "james" they meant my dead namesake, not me. i've never been attached to that name. m is my self identity. & my logo. so why shouldn't i be called that? i've been m longer than james.

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copernicus regularly dined on foxgloves.

today's vitamin fatalism has been dealt with. as in snakes constrict, but goblins conscript. you can choke all you want, in the thinning air of the wounded space station. but i'm done shouting this brimstone from the black pulpit for the moment. today's sermon is more eminance & seraphim glories thrice uttered. i mean, i'm a dreadnaught of a boy. i spit canon balls that make yule brenner's pharoh jealous. basically able bodied sailors might as well be drowning. i can't tell if i'm more dangerous to myself or to the kent state educational system. why don't i drink until i figure it out.
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a falling out of thieves.

so the thing is, i don't miss cortney as my almost girlfriend or as my bestfriend. i just miss her being in my life at all. i mean, tripwires & grenades aside, there clearly is, even now, some sort of "us." its very tiny now, but i don't think either of our fuck ups managed to wreck & ruin that. i don't know. she is in washington now, & i just hope she is doing okay. i mean, i guess i'd be fine if my life from here out didn't include her? but it would be okay if i knew she was doing okay. (which is a pretty huge departure from jenny, where i hoped all wrong would happen to her, but i guess that is sort of the underscore in how the two of them are diffrent, right?)

then there is the theresa thing, which is pretty nicely handled. i mean, i don't know what adam thinks about me or about himself, but i'm personally pretty glad he is there to look out for theresa. i mean, i love theresa. i love the hell out of theresa; she is the first person i ever loved. of course, for me, love is tied up in absence. or rather, was. because while i love in absence i love another way now too. but i'm getting off track. i guess i'm just saying that even though i don't have much of a relationship with theresa anymore, its okay, because i at least know her husband is looking out for her.

i think about these things, right? because i have my girl. i mean, i pick her. so i think about the prior situations & how they led me here. & i'm leaving out danielle, sure. everyone wants to be snide & dismissing of danielle, & thats fine. she's really frustrating. but see, i get it. on every level where she makes me want to punch her in the textual face, i know there is some more beneath the iceberg that i agree with. maybe not 90/10%, but maybe 40/60%. i don't know really what we're all about, but whatever intensity we used to share for each other, it is dissapated away now.
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