June 5th, 2003


turkish delight.

jack black is in the neverending story iii.

andbeblue gave me a new earing, after mine was washed down the drain, & i think by now that it was for sure a bigger size than the last one. it has mostly stopped hurting by now, though occasionally jenny whacks it while we are kissing, & it hurts a bit. my motto towards pain is like this: if it only hurts a little, i'm a big baby. if it hurts alot, i never open my mouth. partially this probably stems from my physiological reaction to epenephrine. whenever my adrenaline spikes, i get hyper rational. the example i always give to explain it is the last time i remember getting hurt badly, which was when i was much younger, like say fifteen (15). i was at myrtle beach with my father, my sister, my step mother & my step brother. this was the same trip where i first bungee jumped & parasailed. anyhow, when we went to dinner at mideval times, i closed my hand in the door & almost severed my finger. rather than scream, i just said very softly "hey father, please don't drive away yet." see, because while i get hyper rational, i don't get any smarter- i mean, if anything, i get impaired. for instance, it took me a few seconds to realize i could open the door & take my hand out. then i walked over to the driver's side, told me father to go inside & get the others because i had to go to the emergency room. this is the sort of attitude that lets me break bones & not notice, i suppose. but gimmie a paper cut & i'll demand medics & bed rest, you know?

i'm constantly surprised by how smitten i am with jenny. i mean, sometimes, just sitting her, i get star-seeingly dizzy thinking about her. no wonder i was so heart broken before. i mean, couple that with my perchant for comedy cruelty, & it is hardly a surprise that every relationship between her & her went so poorly. even the one that i wish would have gone better. & the sex? quickie this morning? last night another thriple threat orgasms for her? what exactly consitutes a pearl necklace? etc.
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