May 19th, 2003

goblin sneak

the great jedi train heist/excorcism.

on the moon, summer vacation destination for millions of co-eds this season! but my tickets will have to be scalped at the indian reservation. i can't even get away on a cargo ship. backyard projects of carving pumpkins into rockets must be abandoned due to funding cuts. the star sailing is postponed for now! it is the season of malefactory workers & scuttling things; warmachines as tall as an archer shoots high.

today is a banner day. by all the scars of the zodiac! i have decided, with blessings from my guru (lead singer of the pliskerjinks) to give into my more rambunctious impulses. as of this day, the goblin species possess firearms, brought to them by supreme hegemon rustmrik out of the darkness. their reign under the world will endure beyond time & all other gods. avoid the leechcraft of goblin's bearing scalpels, kings of men! nor is the occultist or cenobite safe from them. oh how even the most resolute wizard or saint will howl when the glossary of the goblin's spells are brought upon them! every syllabent gunshot is a prayer to the lord of hollowhaunt, amen.
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    crown me king- "how to bottle death"