April 26th, 2003

cigarette burns

"krilinger radiation cannot be used in any known medical procedures." (circa 1989)

sometimes when i dream, all of the survivors look like bug-eyed hybrids, carrying obsolete firearms & handwoven rope. & i always dream of scarecrows in black. lying in the bathtub listening to hump back whale songs recorded in nineteen eighty-nine (1989) while my soft lamp lights up the mirror with star-shaped halos, i can't help but see shadows step in front of the light source while i'm naked & prone. i've drawn on the moisture of the mirror, doodling shapes & script. when the scarecrow looks up from its splayed hands, its face looks nothing like what i expected. so i think "so thats how it is, is it, spiders? i should have known you'd be on my team, with your bleak fashion sense."
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dna designed like twisting on a candy cane.

scribble & i are back on the prowl. start burying your spoor & smearing your mascara, girls, because we're no elmer fudds. we see civilization as debris. we dismantle flesh llike anagrams. he's captain ahab & i'm the devil; we wear a set of mardis gras beads for each opponent we killed so we rattle like snakes. thats right, snakes. & we might even be hiding in unassuming cans of peanut brittle. you don't even fucking know.
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    gravedigger hitman.
goblin sneak

the reason many ancient texts are hard to translate is because they are in html.

woodstock talks in asterix (*) & punctuation, like the side kick black cop from a bruce willis movie, each word octopusing its way into your heart. parasitic infections sound devestating with scientific names that include phrases like "shift-eight (8)"

frankenstein says fire is bad, but i woke up with a bloody nose anyhow. eventually everything becomes inter-related because i can't understand cause & effect on a fundamental level. the gashlycrumb tinies are relevent in a history of bee keeping. the transatlantic cable is identical the the aboriginal australian rainbow serpent. none of it matters compared to the fact that i ate three chipotle burritos yesterday.
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    crown me king- "the bar tabs of the tiny heroes of horse racing & uncle gabby the sock monkey"
goblin sneak

abnormal cellular growth from krilinger radiation tends to effect the medular area of the brain, initially.

okay, so seriously? i don't have any idea how to make hardboiled eggs. well, i have some idea. that idea is that i put them into boiling water, & that there is a special timer that is even shaped like an egg to tell me how long i should leave them in there. but i do not have this special timer. it doesn't even matter to me, i am too unruly to be stopped by no egg timers. boy scouts taught me to be resourceful, so i'm going to just flip the fuck out iron chef style. & i am not talking about the one with william shatner my friends; i am not even talking about that one! if i need advice, i will not do a google search for how to make a hard boiled egg, no sir (or madam). i will do some lovecraftian research as to make my eggs in the most wicked & otherworldy fashion possible; that is just the sort of boy i am! i'll see you in twelve (12) minutes, you fuckers!

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    bionic crawdads run amuck!