April 9th, 2003


& it was the best party celebrating the repeal of the prohibition ever.

past couple of days are basically lambs & black goats. everything lines up for ritual slaughter. stitched together with a telephone cord. i don't tell her but sometimes i sleep with the phone on the pillow next to my head too, where she ought to be. come on noah & line the rest of the days up for me, side by side. i'm a sickle till saturday.
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    all these codes for nameless.
closeup samurai

have it your way, lo-fi ninja.

some nights i dream about a political party called the insatiable who yearn only for dust & view flesh as grass to be mown. who in all respects cherish war, & no war more than the one that leads to the end of things. that do not exuse themselves with plantive seventeen hundreds (1700's) style pleas to the lord, like a bunch of lost pilgrims. that do not need to invent cardboard reasons for agression. my number one favorite girl wants to make me a t-shirt that says "keep your religion off my armageddon!" i personally want spindly awful spider legs that can only be seen by others when they arn't looking directly at me. enjoy me being terrible & creepy, you beatniks!

m caeli: i don't even know what sars is! no one will tell me.
m caeli: maybe because my "gotta catch 'em all!" attitude frightens them with its insistant masculinity.
SharpShinyClaws: Its a flu like thing that kills you if you live in a country with no medical care where you eat dirty rice and drink sewage water
m caeli: i think it maybe is more like KITT, from knightrider.
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    crown me king- "the fourth wall"
blur shotgun

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call me corpse light or marsh gas, but i'm so wil o' wisp today. come on & drown in my puddles. swim in my lagoons. meet my black creatures & swamp boat riding inbreds. bring apple pie for all the wonderful parties you will attend. your apple pie & apple cider will make you a celebrity in the bayou, & before you know it your enemies will be plauged probably by alligators climbing out of the sewers through their toilets. the things you will be able to do with abandoned autoparts will astound your former friends. & they even call me a ufo? i am so sweet. like coal powered trains. a classic that never goes out of style that you are not afraid to take home to introduce to your mother.
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    omg gregor mendel!

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hey! the sports medicine guy called me back from when i got all those x-rays? & it turns out i've broken my leg, my forarm, & my finger! & not gotten casts or anything. just let them heal up on their lonesome. so who is tough now, pussies, with your modern medicine & vitamins? i fracture & keep coming at you! i flip the hell right out on you! sticks & stones may break my bones but i don't even mind broken bones! but i am no longer "on the mend." the fake-almost-doctor says i am hale & healthy as anything! so screw you medical insurance, i told you i didn't need your help to defeat m. bison & get an audition for the ghostbusters. i ain't fraid of no ghost! or broken bones!
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    roy! invincible!