April 4th, 2003

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i keep sticking these yellow post-it pads to my shirt in order to remember things. not that the really make any sense. i apparently think patent oswald is funny, & that big chuck & little john have what it takes to host local cable? i want to mention pumpkins, & that donnie walberg is probably the creepiest person alive. also, sime half formed idea from watching office space about how if everyone hates their job i can't understand why we don't topple society.
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goblin sneak

beard of bees.

sometimes i think that in order to have a cajun accent, one must simply speak in words that only end in vowels, or at least remove the consonants from the words that don't. & what is really sad about that is the fact that when ever i think of a lousiana drawl, i immediately imagine leatherneck from tmnt & gambit from the xmen having like, whatever. whatever the equivilent of tea & scones is down there. a seance, maybe. man, shit, now i'm thinking about anne rice at their party.

the reason that some girls think guys are huge liars? is because some girls are just so fucking gullible. i can't believe that they are so fucking stupid to believe some of the lies i've seen them swallow, so i have to conclude it has to do with self-deception more than anything. anyhow, the reason boys think that girls are the devil is because they are possessed by agents of true & perfect evil, every last one of them.
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m-ouse ears.

questionable things.

"imagine him as a sort of rabid dog, that instead of trying to bite your dear old granny, works unceasingly towards the anihilation of all things."

there is this history cartoon that i can't make heads of tails of. or more precisely, what demographic it is aimed at. its not the cute celebrity voices from actors working of community service hours show, its this lnn show, which apparently focuses on some nebulous "founding fathers" era. one segment involved trying to get us to guess what song that was popular then was still popular now; unsurprisingly, it was yankeedoodle, but how did they try to "clue us in?" by playing the song without words, & also, showing the lyrics on the screen with certain essential words replaced with pictures: for instance "feather." but then they had a "mystery guest" segment, which involved clues such as "he was the viginian congressional delegate during the constitutional debates." eventually they gave the clue "fourth president of the united states," but fuck, i didn't know it was james madison till then, so how is a kid supposed to? is it all of a sudden important to know all kinds of crazy white people lies? i am so confused. does this have to do with the cia inventing crack to keep the ghetto-factories up & running? oh fuck. they actually just said "long live george washington, president of the united states of america!" while he stood on a balcony looking all royal. um, wasn't the whole point of america making sure that there wasn't one guy who was boss? which is pretty alright; its not democracy to empower the everyman, but to dilute the power of monarchy amongst the capable. wait, did the cia invent meiosis or was that aliens? if aliens invented meiosis, then thanks! because that is sex.

i just watched hot wet american summer, & thought it was pretty fucking great. for instance, the caped boy, with the twenty (20) sided die? yes, oh yes, it was pretty fucking okay. aaron didn't like it though. but i put him in a bad mood by eating his potato soup while he was on the telephone. & by giving him a coupon for a free rental that expired a year ago. & for poking him in the eye. hard. & reminding him that in the end, even michael landon was not granted power by the lord to defy the cancer growing within him. unless michael landon had the hiv. we are not sure.

holy shit! on the internet, they have these pills that will my your cock bigger!
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the title of my first novel, hitler high, has led some to erroneous asumptions. the book does take place at adolf hitler high school in trenton, new jersey, but this is in no way meant to convey to the reader that the students of adolf hitler high school revel in genocide & fascism in imitation of the school's nazi party namesake. students at the many diffrent lincoln high schools across the united states do not wear top hats, nor are they murdered when attending plays, should the choose to do so. of course, the evil children of hitler high do delight in genocide & fascism, but this is completely coincidental.
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