March 13th, 2003

goblin sneak

you lose your halo.

you know how in the movies girls throw their drinks in people's faces. oh gee wait, i mean my life. did i know the girl? who can say. maybe it was lindsey. this is the thanks i get for taking strangers drinks & mixing them together? man, no one has a sense of humor. then i fell asleep when her boyfriend was probably threatening me, maybe. or i mean, this is the word on the street. if by street you mean jeremy's, where i played video games & watched the x-men. its funny watching movies with jeremy because everytime there is an attractive girl, we both sort of sigh & say "man, i miss my girlfriend." girlfriend is a talismen i hang around my neck. i feel as though i am staying at a stranger's apartment while they are out for the week. for a moment i couldn't breathe. this isn't how the story is supposed to go. i throw up sometimes for no reason.
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    sarah mclachlan- "black"

best ffone (ff1) party: black mage, red mage, white mage, fighter.

aaron comes home drunk & rouses me. i walk out on polio legs, & i guess confession makes it official: i'm sick again. he's all wobbly, & is now sleeping on the couch with his shoes on. & you know how dry our apartment is? i ate some chef boyardee while rukiya stoped over today; i just nowfound one of the little dinosaurs that had gotten out of the bowl (you know me & extinction level events- especially when it comes to dinosaurs) & get this. it had dried up into a little dinosaur shaped noodle. (& yeah, i'm thinking about those capsules that melt in hot water to make foam dinosaurs, too.) aaron says sometimes he leaves the kettle boiling just to put moisture into the air. this sickness continues unabated. so if i can't sleep, i'll read x-entertainment. & if that fails, i take a bunch of aaron's sleeping pills & pass out in the shower. man, i missed my calling. i definately should have gone into medical school. its funny to think about how many malpractice suits i would get. "looks like syphillis to me," or "cheer up kid, you've got tuberculosis, like doc (dr.) holiday!" i missed the chance to have people look at me & say "what exactly are vapors" or laugh when i diagnosed them with a brain cloud. oh god ufos. just when i was starting to think. about those bug traps people set out on their lawns in summer, with the gooey & sweet smelling plastic sock. & that can only lead to one place. eighty six dollars ($86.00) worth of variety condoms.
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    crown me king- "the whores who are the daughters of chinese railroad workers"