January 31st, 2003


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i wanted to talk about my life, but man! i found something much better than that! well, two things. for thing one, check the current music:. for the second thing, lemme talk about the new MTV craze, clone high usa. its apparently a marathon or something; i'm not sure, i've been drinking. if abe lincoln as the protag & joan of arc as the "miffed & overlooked friend/loveintrest" doesn't woo you, does ghandi as a side kick, jfk as the asshole, & cleopatra as the unatainable love intreast do it? because if it doesn't, elvis & van gogh should. tune in monday's at 10:30, yo! to the max!

as for me, i stay in on friday's to watch tv & read d&d books. wait, okay: this morning i skipped out on helping mark seeman deflesh his deer corpse, & went to the zoo with doctor (dr.) spurlock & some grad students. where i obtained permission to cut on the human cadavder. & what not. man, the zoo is funny. then isaac & i went to cleveland & picked up my ticket; after that, we had sushi & steak, which went over very well. here we are in streetsboro, though. oh did i mention that i get to go be with the best of all possible girls? i was annoyed before at tv models. but shit. jenny is so hot. i get to see her soon. dammit i'm a sucker, i love her.
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    my favorite band ever: t.a.t.u- "all the things she said"