January 29th, 2003


no, like, painkillers.

so i went out with ivana & stephanie & lindsay to the thursdays, meeting up with isaac & alice. also, matt & colleen, the regulars that i would say i'm closest too, were there. the roads were sheets of ice, & all the girls were very worried; on the way back, it was worse, because the other two were giving ivana a drunken hard time. the best part of the night goes like thus: isaac gets us shots, me a double; nirvana comes on. there is thrashing & crashing. & then the last song of the night is fugazi. i had stuff written down on scraps of paper, but fuck it.

its a shame that next week has to be monopoly style, just visiting.
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well, look at who was just enrolled in dr. seeman's archeological analysis class.
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goblin sneak

buttons made of seashell.

am i the darling child of anthropology? yes, yes i am. first off, roman achievment? what a fucking joke of a class. the girl next to me, who is now my "partner" for an assingnment (we have to write two (2) whole pages! i'm sure glad i have help had this to ask "well, what happens if they are disowned?" how about this: they're fucking disowned! disinherited! the word says what the fuck it means!

but i found out linda stepped up to the plate for me & told mark seeman to let me into his class. because she's so swell. & i'm going to be in her muscular-skeletal class, & we get to play with the bones in the basement, & the corpse, & the x-ray machine, & everything. in archanalysis, my newest assignment is to do site maps with AUTOCAD. though i get to use EASYCAD, since, you know, i'm not a kid who went to vocational school to be a technician. this is my first class with doctor (dr.) seeman, & i have this to say: he is a huge flirt. no wonder cortney thought he was slimy. i think he's amusing, at least. ex. "shit! i've turned on the water faucet with my rear-end!" alright, maybe slapstick is always funny. thanks charlie chaplain. then i stood around the anthropology building talking to linda spurlock about all kinds of things, from food science to the ballad of m & jenny. anyhow, i think mark will like me; i've already agreed to come in on friday to help him deflesh a skeleton.
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