January 6th, 2003


that legendary divorce is such a bore.

jenny woke up & spent today in a really awful mood. once it was decided that it wasn't symptomatic of me, it was all good. we mostly sat around watching buffy, though we did go grocery shopping. & we napped with my arm over her. i really do think the weather gets her down- the arizona in her just isn't used to dark skies. me, dark skies is all i know. so i woke up a little after nine, she woke up a little before twelve. then she stayed in the nap a few hours later than me, & now she's asleep again! sleepy as hell, huh? she apologises for being in shut-in mode, but it isn't like i came to new york to go clubbing. but i am the best m ever. i cleaned all the dishes, scrubbed the stove, straightened the apartment up, plugged in her phone, etc. i just want to be helpful. she kept asking why i was so good to her when she was in such a rotten mood. but like? if we'd been on the phone the conversation would have been:

jenny: "i'm in a shit mood."
m: "i wish i was there to cheer you up."
jenny: "there's no cheering me up."
m: "well i wish i was there to try, or at least be there."

so i was, & so what. on the other hand, my stomach decided that all the acid in it would be better served eating holes in me. but tacos & english breakfast tea fixed that right up. & it wasn't long till jenny's mood was fixed, too- she burnt some cds, fucked around, & then it was over. today's other big mess was illscientist's friends the twins. now, i understand- if i had a twin, i'd be busy making out with him all the time, but sadly, plans for wrecking havok in manhatten have been postponed till later. but this is fucking scripture, words of m in black. so let it be written, so let it be done. like what percent of your loot you have to pay to get into el ray. (that refrence = +1000 points, to 'drop some science.' man, i am mister referential today.)

anyhow, my big thing today was not being mister sulky because i wasn't getting attention. & i did a good job of it too. anyhow, now its all cute girl, sleeping cutely in warm bed, boy not tired at all. in order to make me feel better about the world, ranai is soothing me with fictional headlines like "Magician David Copperfield assaulted in New York."
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m-ouse ears.

but i do like jokes about hellen keller.

first thing- why hasn't bruce campbell ever been the guest villian &/or grizzeled demon-hunting veteren on buffy the vampire slayer? because without him & rami, the whole genre of horror with humor (versus horror as humor) would be in the cinematographic equivilent of the dark ages. that said, man what is the deal with bubba ho-tep? film festival people have seen it, & isn't that supposed to mean that i get to see it soon too?

second thing- the first dream i half remember from last night was about me & pilesofyogurt. no, i mean, that was the focus of the dream, about us being friends again. there was a huge mall, maybe, so big that we had to sleep in a tent in the parking lot, trying to get between stores. & there was probably a carnival. which can only mean one thing. thats right, carnie folk. the second dream had me & sparrowhills which probably means that things went very badly for everybody else. you know how these things go.

third thing- its weird how wake-up sex is completely diffrent from other sex.
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so i met up with debs today, after she got off from working at st. marks books. i havn't seen her in years & years, what with me not being in the city & her gallavanting across the globe. we went to a sushi joint to drink sake & breeze about conversationally. its always nice to talk to debs in the flesh- we got along quite well flip side, as it were, but dub side we just clash. our computer usage styles just do not jive, & conversations tend to result in aggravation. anyhow, over sake talking was a cake walk, & we apparently are just so radical that the sushi chef kept bringing over free sushi for us. the place is shiki kitchen, on 135 1st avenue, between st.marks & 9th, & is dressed to the nines in sushi chef oyakata-san's oragami, including folded paper characitures of presidents. maybe my fumbling japanese helped win him over. a little. & deb's being korean. he gave me a menu & told me to come back, & maybe i will. in other news, a brooklyn based company makes "neighborhoodies" & makes mentor, ohio ones but not ones for jenny's neighborhood in brooklyn. which is funny, right? thats the power of suburbia.
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