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THOSE evil creatures? (26)

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, IV by Hayao Miyazaki.

Swift comes the angel!
Blue-clad in the god-bug's blood,
her gun shoots whistles.

The daikasho is coming, brought by the hubris of the men from the cold-tombs, the cryogenic crypts of Dorok. Oh man, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind is so good! At this point, the story has moved onto the greater world map, as Princess Kushana's corrupt brothers' Tolmekian army clashes with the Dorokian military under the command of the Holy Emperor's brother. Or rather, that was last volume, & this deals with the fallout-- the literal fallout, actually, from the Doroks' use of biological weapons. The bugs are rushing south, the Dorok's have seized the doomsday device God Warrior, & then just when things seemed awful...the slime-mold that the Doroks had been using as a poison & scorched earth tactic...mutates into some vast collectivist organism. It...isn't good news for anyone. Miyazaki humanizes all of his characters, from the most condemned villains to the most enlightened heroes, & that characterization sticks around after the viewpoint of the story moves on. & then sometimes the story catches up with the characters from earlier: Mito from the Valley of the Wind, Lord Yupa, Asbel the Pejite, Kecha the Dorokian, Selm of the Forest People...they are all there, & when they aren't, they are off pursuing their own agendas, as the story is a vast organic web of connections, slowly building to a head. It is really fantastic. I know I'm not really saying anything of real critical value, I'm just sort of bubbling with enthusiasm.

Tags: books, comics, ghibli, haiku, miyazaki, nausicaa

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