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The Queen is Dead. Long Live the Queen.

I tried to stiff-upper lip, I put on a brave face & kept muddling through, but in the cold light of day I have to admit: the first episode of America's Next Top Model: British Invasion was...not very good. Maybe more accurate to say...very not good. I really blame the editing; it was frantic, jumping from girl to girl to girl to judge to judge to shut up already! Not having a "thirty girls, eliminate half" first episode left it media res would be a nice way to put it. Sudden, unfinished, unbegun? Listen, you don't have to try to pace this like a music video; I'm going to get seizures. Even worse: the cardinal crime! Where the hell was the fashion? Bad lipstick gimmicks? No. The clothes? Costumes. No, no again, NO. To say nothing of dressing the Native American girl up in an insulting Halloween "Indian" costume & then yelling at her for not being Pocahontas because it should be easy because they are both Native American? Oh man, what. No. All of that, no. Here is hoping it gets better? We didn't watch the second episode, on account of our DVR being infested with gremlins; instead it was an episode of The New Girl followed by the gross Storage Wars: Texas. We had, as Jake Blues would put it; gotten the band back together: Me, Jenny, fordmadoxfraud, elladorian, fatbutts & James. Beers of the evening were Southern Tier 2X Stout, a nice milk stout with a kick & Tommyknocker Pick Axe IPA, a dry IPA that was pretty smooth, too. Archie barfed on the rug, that happened, & David & Maggie & I played a little GoldenEye while we were waiting for everybody else to show up, & that is about all that happened, I think? Though I'm probably leaving something interesting out, who knows. Do I have a favorite girl? No, not yet; the Scottish girl, Ashley? I want her to remind me of Amy Pond from Doctor Who, if that keeps up I'll root for her. From the "Yanks," AzMarie I suppose? Pending any possible psychotic episodes or being charmed, or in other words, pending actually watching the rest of the cycle.
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