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Isn't There a Saying About Unexamined Lives?

Just trying to recap what I have been up to in life since Wotan's day. Gosh, not a whole lot to be quite honest. Thursday was..oh, heck, I should mention Tuesday before I get any further, right? I went over to Kat's apartment with Matt's & Brian after work, joined by Jocelyn in due time. Kat was going out of town for a bit so it was a miniature goodbye party, plus a catnapping, as Matt & Katy are looking after Ramona while Kat is out of town. I left before it got too late, picked up a burrito & then came home to split it with Jenny & watch Fringe. "Welcome to Westfield" is a neat twist on zombies, reminding me at first of Hater. "A Better Human Being" was sad; people with hive minds are my favorite thing & ending up cut off from it seems to me to be the worst doom of all. I sympathize with you, guy, & that isn't something I normally do with fictional characters. I can empathize, but that isn't the same thing at all. Then Thor's day! Thunderbolts & lightning, very very frightening! Um...I came home & went to the gym? My stomach was feeling a little bit wonky so I only did an hour. Then when Jenny finally did get back from work we watched the Thursday line-up. Parks & Recreation is top tier & really performed, followed by The Office & Modern Family. 30 Rock got pushed to Friday night, because, well, meh.

Then for no reason except general love, I bought Jenny some flowers on Friday & we went out to a nice dinner at Juventino. She said that it was really weird, but I thought it was nice! Maybe I like weird wait staff. We'd been there before but not in a while; Jenny & I split the crisped eggs with lobster "croutons" & I had the "Pig & Pearls," a wild boar leg with couscous & a salad of arugula & apples. After that we came home & Jenny insisted on staying up till midnight & falling asleep on my lap? Alright, I suppose! I just finished reading my book & drank a little bit too much whiskey. Saturn's day-- note the sudden pantheon shift-- was fun, & very lazy for the most part. I made breakfast-- eggs on spinach & leftover wild boar-- & coffee & then Olivia came over for us to babysit! The cutest part of that is when it was time for her to go to bed, I was laying in her nest telling her to "relax" & she was laying there too, but like-- playacting falling asleep, like it was the funniest game in the world. Just cracking herself up. While she napped I played some GoldenEye & then when she woke up & left to go home, Jenny & I...made more plans with Kira & Nino? We went out to Blue Ribbon to eat a whole mess of oysters, a dozen each. Well, ten each, with two clams-- also the fried rice with bone marrow & some steak tartar. You know, I really want to try horse tartar, didn't that become legal? Anyhow, I abruptly left the meal before the check came because I wanted to go to the gym! & so I did, for a nice chunk of change. A bit over an hour & a half, I lost track of the clock.

Hey, did you know there is a jousting show called Full Metal Jousting? I watched that on the elliptical & worked on weight machines & free weights really schizophrenically, going back & forth between upstairs & downstairs. Home again, Jenny & I watched the episode of Castle where it is a Chandler-esque detective tale with all the actors playing hardboiled parts. Nice to see Molly Quinn getting more screen time; Castle & her relationship is the strongest part of the show, I wish they'd focus more on that to balance the unrequited romance angle. Then the Fringe episode "The End of All Things," which had some obvious twists that I didn't see coming, which I tend to see as a hallmark of good writing. Like, huh, duh, why didn't I think of that? Because I was too busy paying attention to the story, is why. & you get a glimpse at the Observer's backstory, which is about what you'd expect, though I'm curious how the events of "The Inner Child." I think a lot of older episodes are getting tied in suddenly-- the teaser for the next episode had those drill eggs from season one, it looked like-- so maybe it isn't a continuity fumble? Then Jenny wanted to stay up till midnight again, & this time so did I; we wanted to see how Lindsay Lohan did on Saturday Night Live. We only watched the first bit; it seems that the cast was doing well around her but she doesn't have any sparkle any more. Oh LiLo, you were going to be great, but you flared out with drugs & plastic surgery & now you look like you are wearing a mask.
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