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Oubliette: Initiative.

Okay, now I suddenly have a rather crazy idea for dealing with armor & equipment-- overhaul the whole Initiative system! It is a bit pie in the sky, but I thought of it so I wanted to sort of run through the thought experiment. Currently, the Initiative system is Dexterity plus Composure plus a d10. Perfectly serviceable, but then I thought-- hey, you know what Initiative system I really liked? Shadowrun Second Edition. That system was a static number derived from the average of a couple of attributes, usually one to six, plus a d6. Cybernetics & magic could crank that up to double digits plus 4d6 at the upper limits. You'd roll & you would act on every multiple of ten. That is, if you got a 7, you'd act on 7. If you got a 17, you'd act on 17, & then again on 7. If you got a 27, you'd act on 27, 17, & 7...which means that if the person you were fighting got a 13, you'd go twice before them. & so on. Now, this has a very key factor in making reaction a critical part of the game, because in any system the ability to act more than once is the most fundamentally unbalancing ability. Even healing magic-- my personal pet peeve-- is a distant second. So, I realize that this is a huge concern, but I'm just sort of winging it here. See, I think the burden of carrying stuff is...well, a huge pain in the neck. Wearing a chainmail shirt Heck, carrying a sword strapped to your waist is clumsy & annoying. A lot of Encumbrance rules try to make out like the matter is weight, but it isn't, is it? It is mass, & how it hands, & just dragging sort of discomfort, mostly. It is itches you can't reach & shoulders hurting from straps & not being able to stop fidgeting. That is why I am increasingly inclined towards Willpower penalties-- but enough about that. Now I'm thinking...initiative penalties? Armor & weapons giving initiative penalties provides a useful difference between unarmored & armored, between a short sword & a nodachi. Of course-- devil's advocate-- the argument could be made that since Oubliette doesn't have hit points, just winning Initiative is a big enough deal, without overhauling everything from scratch I've had thoughts along those lines before, like giving smaller weapons initiative bonuses & longer ones penalties.
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