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Deus Ex Nihilo.

Well if that picture isn't a snapshot of my interests, I don't know what is. Sitcoms & science-fantasy, you've got it! Hole in one. I don't know, I haven't really been doing anything, hence my sort of low radar profile. I read some books? Seriously, I don't know what to tell you. Saturday I made breakfast-- "steak" & eggs, if you count pot roast as steak, like I do-- & then went to the gym with fordmadoxfraud. We stayed for an hour & a half, & I only did two cardio sets, so that was a fairly rough & tumble session. Came home & then Jenny & I went on a date to the neighborhood nook, the Park Slope Ale House. Had a Twenty-First Amendment Bitter American which was alright but basically a session ale. I just don't like session ales, even if I only figure out that it was after the fact-- that is interesting, since I always figured I just felt cheated by the low alcohol content. Back at home we split a Porterhouse Oyster Stout, since Jenny had never had one, & then we had some Belgian-style ale, but I can't remember what. Stupid brain. We watched the episode of Fringe with two Astrids, "Making Angels." The moral of that story is yes, Jasika Nicole could totally support a show as the lead. Otherwise a perfectly fine hour of television, but nothing with teeth, really. Then Sunday was just me prepping for & running my Oubliette campaign. I came home to Jenny being awake & watching the Oscars, so I poured a little rye & fooled around online while they were on in the background, & hey! ranai & Joe won an Academy Award, that is pretty intense. Good for them. Last night was more of a whole lot of nothing; I went to the gym, we ate some pub food & watched How I Met Your Mother. I actually felt like this week's episode episode, rather than the ghost of an episode. You know, the vacant hollow reflection of what the show used to be. This one at least went places with Barney & the twist with Marshall & Lily was a decent & fulfilling one. Jenny & closed out the night with...more reading!
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