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Dathomir School for Advanced Spiritual Studies.

The first part of the dream took place on the Mountain that looms in my dream now & then. There were a bit of scheduling troubles getting there; Theresa was going to give me a ride in a rusty car, an airplane was meant to leave but the flight was too expensive, but eventually everything fell into place. Jenny & I were staying at her childhood home-- you know, when you visit where someone grew up & their room is filled with toys & stuffed animals & band posters, like a shrine to their youth? The whole house was like that. The majority of the dream was this: there was a dance studio on the edge of the mountain; a theater inside & then a terrace overhanging a cliff. I was taking classes with the woman who ran it for whatever reason-- I think I won them off the radio or something-- the woman was an expert in like, Afro-Latin Fusion. One of the non-famous members of *NSYNC was taking classes there, & his lesson was before me. He was one of those people whose childhood talent just disappeared with puberty; growth spurts ruined coordination, voice changes ruined singing, like that. He as also totally in love with the dance instructor, but phew, at least this was his last day, meaning the awkwardness of his crush would go away.! He went the most embarrassing route, hijacking his last class as a performance, with other paid dancers, & doing a sort of "Twelves Days of Christmas"-style showering of gifts. Seriously, like covering the teacher in rose petals, & professing his love, & popping the corks on bottles of champagne, & throwing flowers at her feat, & giving her boxes of candy & quoting sonnets. The guy didn't have a job-- he was clinging to a non-existant performance career-- & must have gone dangerously into debt to finance this display, & it was so, so bad. The teacher was clearly not feeling it, there was an audience of other students, & even better, during the dance number he did this weird Broadway style jump that the teacher hated & had tried to get him to stop, so it was clear he didn't even listen in his lessons. Then at the end, the last gift was a diamond ring, & he proposed to her, one of those hostage proposals, so it was clear why he'd done it while there was an audience present-- classic "nice guy" move, trying to guilt her into saying yes. Of course she didn't, & we all went out to the ledge of the mountain to rappel down.

Then I had another dream about...alternate Star Wars timelines? Trying to reconcile the events of the films with the Expanded Universe & the various roleplaying games. Like-- where their other Jedi alive during the events of the original trilogy, perhaps lurking on the Fringe somewhere? It is pretty contentious, so my sleep-brain was trying to run parallel realities, where maybe the Sith weren't wiped out & then maybe the Jedi weren't wiped out? Or where Darth Vader killed Obi-Wan & Yoda & the fire of the Jedi was extinguished? The "me" part of the dream-- where it wasn't just pieces of concepts & fragments of ideas-- started in a Deep Space Nine-like starport, where I was passing through customs. Some Imperial-- oh, writing this I remember, I had decided on "The Core" being split between The Empire & The Republic. I can see the virtual starmap in my head, with the edge of nothing bordering on one side; actually on more than one side, in three-dimensional space, but even in the dream I knew that it was Space Opera & not to think too hard about it. Surrounding both Empire & Republic was The Finge, a huge crescent with more stars than either of the galactic powers. In the old, rusty space station, I was getting hassled by an Imperial agent, some low level bureaucrat with grandiose illusion, & then I started picking him up, physically, & slamming his skull into the bulkhead. He figured out that I was using the Force to help me, & would guess who I was in-between collisions. "Jedi?" & then I'd smile & say nope & smash him again. "The Emperor's Hand?" Nope again, & slam. "...Vader?" & then I nodded & lifted him up & crushed his heart with the Force while I choked him with my hand. Then, from there, I went to the house I was staying in down on the planet, a post-apocalyptic world. A sort of decaying old haunted mansion, a kind of previous swamp plantation-- another common location in my dreams. I was staying there with two of the characters from...well, from The New Girl. I'm not going to lie! Maybe because I've been thinking about why I didn't like it, previously, & what changed. I won't lie, from there it became like the Dark Side Gilmore Girls. We're all students at the Evil Empire University or whatever, grappling with our feelings & such. Jess-- Zooey Deschanel's character-- & one of her roomates, Winston, hook up, & it is unexpected but then they get a whole weird rhythm going with lots of self-deprecating sex jokes. But then-- Sith Academy!-- they both get secret instructions to kill the other one. That is when I woke up.
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