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Hexadecimal, the Witch's Numbers.

Hung out with Olivia this morning but have otherwise been pretty useless. Well, I made coffee-- twice!-- & breakfast, & then cleaned up from making breakfast, so I guess it hasn't been a total wash. Except, well, speaking of wash, I really need to take a shower. & go to the gym. & continue preparations for tomorrow's Oubliette game. Really that is just two things, & I figure I can handle them over the course of the rest of the afternoon; I'm just a little cranky for some reason. The folks ragequitting GoldenEye with one second left in the match aren't helping, either. Yesterday was a nice little day, though; I cleaned out my inbox at work, & Terra & I went to lunch with Vicki & Jasmine to play more The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe, the game. I lost, & I lost at The Six Million Dollar Man game, too. C'est la vie. After work I went over to Matt's with Brian, meeting up with Kat, Jocelyn, Meredith & eventually Katy, but sadly not Jenny. That was a nice time, but when they started ordering food I knew it was time to make my exit, so I headed home-- finishing reading a comic book on the train-- & picked up a burrito to split 80%/20% with Jenny. We capped off the evening with Paul Rudd on The Daily Show & went to bed.
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