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"It's a battleship from the Council of Monks!" (18)

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, II by Hayao Miyazaki.

The veil of six-eyes
sign of the Science-Magi!
Paranormal tech.

The next of the Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind books, & the awesomeness is, if anything, accelerating. In the film, the eponymous Valley of the Wind is caught between two empires, Pejite & Tolmekia. In the comics, a third power, the Dorok, exist-- folded into the Pejite for simplicities sake in the film-- & they have a sort of creepy "evil Kirby" magic going on, which adds a new dimension to the saga. Another perk is that we're increasingly distant from the events of the cartoon-- things are building in their own directions. At least it seems that way, though rationally I know that the comic came first & it was the events of the movie that went in a new direction. We got a lot of Nausicaä being great here, but also Asbel finally showing a little backbone-- well, that sounds too harsh, lets say rather that Asbel starts carving out more of a character niche. Being on a buddy adventure with Lord Yupa will help allow that, though. A ceramic mine that used to be a starship-- sure, it was in the movie, but the shades of Matachin Tower are even stronger, here. There are plots & poisons & supposed villains acting chivalrously & all sorts of new doodads. Yeah, I am very pleased with these, huh? Just great worldbuilding, full stop. Oh, & I also finally got around to backdating a Ghibli tag, for my own reference.

Tags: books, comics, ghibli, haiku, miyazaki, nausicaa

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