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God is Love, Gaius.

The Battlestar Galactica rewatch at Television Night continues! Last night was crazy, or well, weird: I crashed as soon as I got home, just fell into a pit of...not lethargy, not sloth, not depression...just like, random errant exhaustion. A weight of bricks, suddenly thrust upon me. I was out of it when fordmadoxfraud showed up with Left Hand Stranger Pale Ale, still out of it when Jenny got home-- "early" from the office even!-- but I rallied after that. Well, I whined about it for a while; I had to go pick up food for Jenny's dinner & didn't want to change back out of pajamas. I came back with her Mexican & a sixpack of Peak Organic Hop Noir & fatbutts & James got there last of all, carrying some Crispin Honey Crisp Artisanal Reserve cider & Guinness & then viewing got underway. We had watched the first half of the miniseries, so tonight was the second half, featuring...well, some of the things that the actual show was about! Part one was a lot of set up, but here we have awkward Starbuck flying the heck out of spaceships, we've got concerns about cylon doppelgangers, we have a hallucenagenic cylon plying Balter with sex & love, the president & the commander in a stalemate, tough decisions about life & death-- yeah. Battlestar Galactica. Hello, Head Six, I've missed you, you are my favorite. Oh, & we found out David is always secretly recording our conversations & posting them online somewhere. True story. Afterward I was all gung-ho to watch another episode-- "33" is so good!-- but they talked me off the ledge & we finished up with Modern Family instead.
Tags: beers, bsg, television

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