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Capablanca's Chancellor & Archbishop.

A pretty lazy couple of days. Really lazy, actually, since Monday was a holiday & I did diddley-squat. Oh I went to the gym, making it four days in a row, but that is really just about all I did besides play a bunch of GoldenEye. I was in their base, killing their dudes, as they say. Jenny came home late & we watched...we watched something on television. How I Met Your Mother, for one, which spent an entire episode deciding not to backpedal & recycle old plots. Seriously, that show has truly fallen, the first three seasons, do you remember how tight the continuity of it was? The series bible must have been incredible. Now the only characters with any arc are Marshall & Lilly. Pah. Yesterday I went to Pure Food & Wine with elladorian & Erica, which is a vegan & raw foodist joint. I should be clear: I oppose the raw food ethos, & I will cite, as usual, Catching Fire as to why. Anyhow, we three ordered salads & shared them in a circle; Maggie's pumpkin seed one was pretty good; my seaweed one was decent but...well, a lot of seaweed & I wasn't interested in Erica's taco salad. Except intellectually: cashew sour cream? Milking nuts is interesting. Back home I finished reading a book & then had a celebratory glass of whiskey-- Rittenhouse Straight Rye seems to have become our cheap rye of choice-- & waited for Jenny. We ended up eating burgers from Corner Burger & mine was elevated to some Platonic status. Burger with cheddar, garlic aioli, lettuce, tomato, pickles & an onion ring, & it was just sublime. We watched Cougar Town, which was fantastic. That show, so under-rated. I mean, me too, I was a detractor until I actually gave it a couple of episodes & was won over. Then more whiskey-- a little too much whiskey!-- & The New Girl, which...speaking of having won me over. You know that thing Schmidt does where he kicks the wall & shouts "parkour!" That was mostly awesome because I did that exact same thing while we were walking to go see The Secret World of Arietty. Though...oh no, Lizzy Caplan, come back!
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