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The other night I sort of blew my own mind by thinking-- what if Ron Swanson & April Ludgate were Batman & Robin? That would be pretty much perfect. So I've been lazy this week, lazy & destructive; I've been fighting off a cold, which I've used as an excuse to not go to the gym, but I've also been drinking scotch & rye, which sort of goes against the whole point. Not a good combination, but I shook it off last night to go for a solid chunk of cardio & free weights, & I'm going to go again, as soon as I make breakfast, before book club starts. I should get a move on, in that case. So anyhow-- Thursday started with us watching another episode of The New Girl, which I guess I like, now. I'm not crazy about it, but uh, well, I'm enjoying it more than, for instance, 30 Rock. Then it was the usual line-up, starting with Parks & Recreation, the most consistently charming show. Oh hey, How I Met Your Mother writers? You see how they are giving Aziz Ansari's clownish character room to grow? That is what you should be doing with Barney. Well, you did it with Barney a little & then you retconned it, which is almost worse? Anyhow, after that was The Office, which I think is actually pretty good still? I know people say it isn't the same show since Michael left, & that is true, but also that is the saving grace...they don't try to be the same show, anymore. I think it still works, even if it is sort of a coda. Yesterday I went to a Vietnamese place, Saigon Market with Terra; you know, I think the only Vietnamese food I've really eaten are bánh mìs? Well, & some of Republic's noodles are Vietnamese style, which is only clear in retrospect. Anyhow, similar to Thai; at least the stuff we got. Jenny worked late, I gymmed, we finished up The Office-- our DVR had been on the fritz last night-- & watched the Dark Knight spoof episode of 30 Rock which was better than the last few but still not up to the snuff of the first few seasons. I did "get" the "Normaling" fetish bits, though-- I mean, who wants to acknowledge the fact that their sex life would be a-okayed by Rick Santorum?
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