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Found Treasures.

I found this old Dungeons & Dragons adventure lying on the ground when I went to go run my Oubliette campaign on Sunday. I was on the phone with kingtycoon & we both sort of cracked up because, dang, that is super auspicious. On the flip side, I read through it & it is kind of crummy. It is about barbarians in Greyhawk, & that is cool, but it is sort of a magic MacGuffin quest for swords & you end up getting screwed over pretty badly in the end, since you end up summoning Iuz & there is nothing you can do about it. Railroaded into it! Though Iuz is the son of Iggwilv & Graz'zt, & Wilva is my favorite arch-mage from DnD.

Yesterday Terra & I were grabbing lunch from Pret A Manger-- they have a salad with chicken & blue cheese that is really good with their lemon & shallot dressing-- & when I went into the bathroom I saw this. Time spray! Eat your heart out, Phillp K. Dick, we live in the future. Suck it, Doc Brown & Marty McFly; we may not have Mister Fusion, but we sure as heck have Ubik. Which is good, it should keep holographic reality from deteriorating. Entropy in the simulation? Get Time Spray, now in citrus!
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