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Pot Ledom at the End of the World.

You know when you're camping in the woods, & for just one night only, those woods are haunted? The sort of forest where you're far away from everything & everyone, totally alone, but not so totally uninhabited that a serial killer couldn't be living in them? A Grimm sort of ocean of trees, perfectly friendly during the day, that just turns wicked come nightfall? That is where the cottage I was living at in my dream was, & it was under assault. I wasn't alone; other people were there, about a dozen of them, including Allison Harvard from America's Next Top Model. I remember hiding, crouched next to the door with a sword, ready to surprise whoever came in...& when I peeked out the window, an actual legit ninja was making eye contact with me. The standoff soon resulted in a huge brawl between the house-guests & the invaders...where it turned out that I had the power to mutate people by touching them? Mostly by bio-sculpting their arms into guns. One, both, or in one case I fused two arms together to make a huge cannon. Afterward, we split up into two groups with two flashlights, walking back to our homes through the spooky woods. Both groups were trying to get me to come with them, when I woke up.

Oh, & my dream the other night had John Stamos in it! It was post-apocalyptic, but the end of the world hadn't been zombies or anything like that-- rather, a disaster that killed ninety percent of the people. The world wasn't out to get you, just empty, & when there were people, it was a sort of scavenged Wild West feeling, a mix of frontier camaraderie & concerns about banditry. I was in a caravan with a handful of others-- we had a school bus & an RV along with a few motorcycles-- & for whatever reason we were splitting up. It wasn't clear to me whether we were splitting up for good or just for the day, & that was a source of anxiety. I ended up following John Stamos as he motorcycled away, & trying to follow the thread of his story. It was like the "the group is breaking up!" episode, the "Spider-Man no more!" issue. John Stamos went to go see a doctor, but I didn't know why. Later he was explaining it to me; he was someone that he'd known before the end of the world, & before he was an actor. There was more, but I couldn't fall back asleep.
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