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They Only Lack the Light to Show the Way.

Last night ended up being pretty nice. My day was fine, but scattered; I got work accomplished, but had my lunch plans with Dante canceled. So here is a thing-- I've been eating from this lamb cart on 23rd street not infrequently for the past few months. "lambikins," I call it. Anyhow, food carts are always a crap shoot; some of them are really great but most of them are under mediocre. A tricky roll of the dice, but this one was sold & tasty. Then...the guy working there disappeared! Replaced by...sub-standard guy? I had an incredibly bad meal there, once. Ugh, my mouth hurts just thinking about it. Frozen lettuce, lukewarm meat, no! Stop, I can't bear to remember it! Anyhow, yesterday I tried out Rafiqi's for the job of New Lamb Cart. A little bit more expensive, but they added like, fresh ingredients to the mix? Okay, I can work with that. Then when work was over, Terra came over! Well, not right away-- I had to return the Captain America DVD to the library, so we went up to Grand Army Plaza & stopped by the library before walking home. I showed her the Montauk Club, where I got married, & then stopped in at Cocoa Bar to get "Happy First Week of Work" prizes for Jenny. She's been working long days all week, & deserves treats & presents, don't you think?

Then we finally came back to my apartment to watch the All-Star Superman movie. It is a pretty good adaptation! I was talking to Nick the other day about how the best Superman story is the one in your heart, the collective myth-- not any individual trade paperback or comics run, but the idealized Platonic version. I think that is the problem with the way people perceive Superman these days; in the Dark Ages, when the world of comics twisted to get pathetically "bad-ass" & "gritty," writers tried as hard as possible to distance themselves from the insanity of the Silver Age. That is sort of half the fun of Superman, though, as Grant Morrison showed. Superman is a guy who has a key carved out of a dwarf star, who owns a pet sun-eater, who has robot friends & a city full of miniature people. He's Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks but omnipotent. His version of an average day is fundamentally alien & weird...which is why his struggle is to try to understand humanity, to try to be loved by Lois Lane & Jimmy Olson. & I never buy the "Superman is so powerful the only challenge for him is kryptonite!" accusation. All-Star Superman puts obvious lie to that, with riddles, with other super humans from history, with dinosaur men, with evil Kryptonians, with an evil sun, with superpowers potions...I mean, come on. It is called "writing." & again, I'm struck by the flaws of the movie-- no Regan's suicide attempt, the neglectful deaths in the prison, the more ambiguous "killing" of Solaris-- & by the welcome additions. The initial "Superman" added to the four panel origin, & most importantly, the conversion of Lex Luthor. One of the last great labours of Superman. Then I tried to explain "DC One Million" to Terra & then she went home.

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