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The Strange Guns of Atlantis.

With Jenny starting her new job, things have been a little jilted & sideways this week. Monday was her first day, & when she came home we watched a little bit of Saturday Night Live & split a bottle of wine; afterwards we were still feeling frisky so we went out to the bar & had a drink-- martini in my case, a beer for her-- & just sort of hung out together. That was nice. Tuesday she worked late & so I hit the gym...which wouldn't be a bad pattern to develop? If she works late then I might as well go to the gym, right? I also sort of lost my mind Tuesday & started screencapping Jenny Lewis videos. It started as research for my game, honest, but then it just took on a life of its own. Wednesday was Television Night, which Jenny was able to get home in time for-- she's not like, chained to her desk, she just has a lot to get done. & during the day, Terra & I explored how Korean fried chicken works-- we went to BonChon in Koreatown. It is basically super crusted fried chicken, crossed with buffalo wings. I liked it, & I'll go back. Last night was a repeat of Tuesday, with Jenny working late & me capitalizing on it (with encouragement from ranai not to be a lazy sack) to go to the gym. & I got hotwings for me & Jenny afterwards-- wait, I don't think I did fried chicken twice in a row-- BonChon must have been Monday or Tuesday. Regardless, we watched a couple of sitcoms-- Modern Family & The Office-- & then went to bed. So here we are!
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