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The Scorpion.

So, I think I went a little bit crazy. I'm totally schoolboy crushing on Jenny Lewis today, even more so than usual. It started off as research for my Oubliette campaign, where I've cast Jenny Lewis as the "actor" playing the Non-Player Character Rise Up With Fists. In the course of looking for some stock photos I accidentally found myself spending a chunk of my lunchbreak nicking screencaps from the "See Fernando" video. I was just minding my own business, when pitter-patter! My heart grew three sizes. The lost passion of youth, fervent intense admiration. Not for nothing, but Jenny Lewis Is Not a P-Zombie, which is more than I can say for mostly anybody else. I mean-- I've always had a weakness for female vocalists & song writers, but Jenny Lewis actually hits along side of what I'm thinking, which is really unusual. Songs like "Born Secular" & "Big Guns" are the closest thing I've got to an anthem anymore, at least since The Pixies sand "Holiday Song." Oh man, I'm crushed, I'm flat from all the crushing.


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