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Wintermute Soldier.

I wanted Captain America: the First Avenger to be better than Iron Man 2, & hopefully at least on par with Thor. I knew it had to be better than Green Lantern. I think it met & exceeded my expectations! It wasn't amazing, but I think it was pretty solid. The dialogue was a bit wonky-- Jenny found the obviousness of the quips off-putting-- but I think it was pretty successful. Evans is great, & the Benjamin Buttoning of him is really well done. Hayley Atwell as Agent Carter is pitch perfect in her somewhat anachronistic role. Hugo Weaving is always good, & I thought the Cosmic Cube was integrated really well, folding in into his story with the Nazi fascination with Ultima Thule-- & thus connecting it to Thor. No aliens, though! I was surprised, I thought for sure Hydra was going to be working with the Skrulls. The background gags-- like Zola's first appearance were hilarious to me, too. The movie takes all the good parts from The Ultimates & strips the bad bits; the perfect kind of recycling of mythology, altering it in the retelling in light of context & continuity. Captain America as USO prop is a lot of fun, & so is Captain America as WWII soldier. I thought the origin story bits were great-- the flagpole, the jumping on the grenade-- an artful way of making us like Rogers as the ninety-eight pound weakling. & it incorporates some of the goofier bits of Marvel in a reverent way; Marvel Comics exists in the universe of Marvel Comics, & seeing Captain America comics in the Captain America movie is part of the same spirit. & you know what? Kudos for using Vita-Rays-- I think the fact that it is a period piece makes the use of antiquated science-fiction terminology spot on. So yeah, a lot of fun, & the bookends of the frame story were solid as well-- I'm excited for The Avengers, as this yarn ought to knit together well with Tony Stark & Thor Odinson.
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