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Mother Mustang, What Must I Do? Answer Me!

Oh I don't even know; I feel like a tire with the treads worn down! Partly because I've been frustrated by this piece of work at the office, this reoccurring responsibility that I can't seem to wrap my head around. It hasn't "clicked" yet, but I have confidence it will at some point. I guess the other part is that I have been sleeping badly for the last few weeks; you know, the temperature fluctuates from "the radiator is making this apartment Tattooine hot, open the window!" to "the open window is making this apartment Hoth now that the radiator turned off!" It makes it hard to get comfortable or stay under. So anyhow, I slept in all the way to nine-thirty today is what I'm saying! This week has been a bust for me at the gym; I went four times last week, so I guess going twice this week is fine. But I have to go today for it to be twice! I don't know, I was busy earlier this week, what with my game & Kira & Nino & Olivia moving. Oh, suggested orthography for children-- you don't capitalize their names! Kira & Nino & olivia. That way you know they are tiny children & not full people? The honorifics of Japanese are looking really good about now, huh? Anyhow, the other day at the gym all I could do was a zillion minutes on the elliptical; just exhausted as heck. & now my hips sort of hurt! Stupid flesh, I'm trying to help you, get out of here with your negative reinforcement!

Oh, & aslant wanted me to talk about my self-deprecating comments of being a mind-body dualist. It actually comes out of a comedy video that kingtycoon had as the away message on his chat client. In it, the guy repeats over & over "is it your mind or your brain that wants these things...or is it your body?" & well, as much as I disdain spiritual dualists, I have to admit to having a bit of a sneak for the dualism, coming out of my tendencies towards meme theory & the notion of emergent consciousness. & well, the great anthropological conundrum of behavioral modernity-- Homo sapiens were apes for a long, long time, until all of a sudden about fifty-thousand years ago, they started acting like people. I'm an armchair subscriber to the Great Leap Forward, as spawned by complex language. I don't want to sound like a neurolinguistic extremist, but I think that the ability to use language to network really altered the species on a behavioral level-- switching from tribal altruism toward eusocial altruism. Sort of the kernel of my ethical system, but I digress. This whole paragraph is a muddled digression, but whatever! I am a product of the information age, so I'll use that as a metaphor-- animal hardware, ape firmware & human software. Language allows apes to network & exchange information-- memes-- which are the building blocks that accrete culture & technology, & the things we call people.
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