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Geri and Freki, Inc. (10)

Northlanders Volume Two: The Cross + The Hammer by Brian Wood & Ryan Kelly.

Flattened red footprints.
Honey made by bees drinking
blood off green clover.

The next volume of Northlanders & the first thought I had on opening it was "did Ryan Kelly illustate The Punisher at some point?" & I guess he didn't-- I might be recognizing him from some other Vertigo comics-- but this book basically reads & looks like the story of the Celtic Punisher. Chris said that he'd liked all of the Northlanders except this one; Nick, who loaned it to me, said they were all sort of of a piece, to him. I...think I agree with Chris. This volume didn't work-- it didn't undermine my confidence in the sagas, but it wasn't that good. I felt like there was an over reliance on visual storytelling-- battles & fights, mostly-- that didn't really come together. Besides that, the twist was a little bit too easy to see coming, & a little bit contrived. So there we have it; that is the story I have to say about this. The best part was the fight with the dogs. It was short, & I rooted mostly for the "bad guy," the pagan detective.
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