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Great Goblin Hegemony.

Not a whole lot to say about my life so far, as a Cover Girl. Monday was what Monday was. I didn't do anything, ydobyna llik t'ndid I. I came home, & then I saw Jenny, who is just starting to feel better, & I cuddled up with her & didn't go anywhere. It was a hang out! Jenny made flounder with white beans & asparagus & we watched Doc Martin. I can't really explain that show! It is on Netflix instant & worth watching, so I've recommended it to a few lost souls, but what do you even say? I think I've settled on, "it is like House if instead of being a acerbic jerk, he was just an autistic curmudgeon, & it is like one of the guys from Monty Python decided to make it in their old age, I feel like that is the case, it is just sort of charming rather than dramatic. Like it is set in Stars Hollow, where the Gilmore Girls live, but the English fishing village version." Which isn't a very pithy summary at all! I feel like one night, falling asleep, I thought of a good way of describing it, but it slipped through my fingers like so much smoke. It is just so very...BBC? The sort of show that doesn't have much of an American analogue. Monk, maybe? Except, while Doc Martin is a good doctor, his exceptionalism is not preternatural; in the USA, his counterparts all make Sherlock Holmes blush.

That night-- a couple of days this week!-- I've dreamed about a Hotel & a River. I'm hiding out at The Hotel, with others, & it is a relaxed sort of discretion. Like we're on the lam for some white collar crime, but being in an non-extradition country & checked in under false names, we feel like we can relax. The River is different-- it very much reminds me of Endymion, as I'm sort of out of phase with being a person, traveling on a river with a very young girl, the sort of tween that you can tell is going to grow up to be really pretty. She's some genius or whatever, just a huge knot of potential. Those have been reoccurring elements since Saturday or Sunday; on Monday I also had a dream that I was taking a platonic shower with Tilda Swinton, almost certainly because of her appearance on The Daily Show. It was a communal co-ed shower, like in Starship Troopers; actually, is Starship Troopers the only movie that has had communal co-ed showers? I mean, besides pornography, I guess?

Then yesterday-- I feel like it was a wash, because I didn't go to the gym, but it was fine-- I ended up having a fine time. Terra & I went to...The Outback Steakhouse! A bit of backstory; Jenny & I were watching 30 Rock, & Liz & Jenna are at an Outback Steakhouse eating "Bloomin' Onions" & I said "maybe I'll go to Outback Steakhouse!" & Jenny scoffed. Thus my course was set. Jenny doesn't remember that, so it takes some of the comeuppance out of it, but so be it! A "Bloomin' Onion," by the way, has 1966 calories. Oh, & I guess more importantly, Kira & Nino & Olivia moved a block away today! I thought I was going to be babysitting Olivia when I got home, but the move was all done, & I was just in time for the dinner phase at Rachel's. That was nice, too-- a couple of margaritas, a huge burrito, you know how it goes. Afterward I came home, read a little, & then Jenny came back & we split a bottle of wine & watched some more Doc Martin. We didn't mean to drink the whole bottle & stay up sort of late, but it was nice! We ended up on the couch, legs twisted together, talking about the good & bad parts of China Miéville's gender representations in his Bas-Lag books.
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