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Erf. All I've done is...well, I've done stuff, haven't I? I figure I did. Jenny's been sick so a lot of it as been taking care of her. & quite a bit of afterwork drinks with co-workers. Oh, the one at Dewey's? I gave the place a bad review on Yelp, because it was a bad bar, & the owner responded to my bad review with personal attacks! Which is kind of a triumph, since I guess it validates everything I was saying as immutably true. Sorry, chum! The other night's drinks were for a going away-- & I ate terribly that day! Dumplings for lunch with Pamela, then pizza, then a burrito & then lastly some hotwings? What the deuce? I did manage to get to the gym on Friday despite everything, & to get to the gym on Saturday as well-- well done, sir. I've now moved up in the gym politics world again! Past fist bumps & into "getting a hard time." You know, I go to leave & someone is like "what, leaving so soon? After just an hour & twenty minutes?" A playful ribbing! I reply all indignant, aghast, well I never. David came over on Saturday to make Jenny soup, which ended up being a lovely rabbit stew. Other than that, lots of television. Tilda Swinton was on The Daily Show, & was lovely & alien. What! She said she had "two children. The same age." Tilda Swinton! Earthlings call those twins! It was a gloriously strange interview, in which she urged everyone to move to Scotland & live among the trees. Also, per New Gingrich's statements on colonizing the moon, they 'shopped Georges Méliès "Man in the Moon" with his head & I, for whatever reason, found it riotously funny. Oh, there was the Thursday night line-up, which we watched as it aired-- again, plague-ridden Jenny-- which had Tina Fey dressed up as Liz Lemon dressed up as a Princess Jedi, which was pretty aces. Also Parks & Recreation had a satisfying punch out. We watched John Mulaney: New in Town, which was worth a bunch of chuckles-- Jenny & I have always liked him, I guess because of some VH1 talking head show? Once I saw him in the subway-- before he was remotely famous-- & I pointed at him with "gun fingers" & said "Hey! Funny man!" & then otherwise, Jenny started a new BBC show that is precisely the sort I like-- one where I can pay attention when it suits me & ignore it when I don't feel like watching anything. Doc Martin, & it is sort of a House medical drama, sort of a Gilmore Girls weird town politics, but really neither quite hits the mark. It is one of those "possibly autistic jerk" fish-out-of-water stories, & it has a weird charm to it. It is very British.
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