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Giedi Prime Ready to Wear.

"Bat wing jacket & skirt," by Rick Owens, Fall 2008; "Dress with patent leather appliqué," by Gareth Pugh, Fall 2007.

Today for my lunch outing with Terra we went to the Fashion Institute of Technology to see their "Fashion, A-Z, Part One" exhibit. They apparantly have a Taschen book coming out in a couple of months based on this show-- & I was like, "wait, don't I already have a "Fashion A-Z" Taschen book?" Ah, no, I was thinking of the 100 Contemporary Fashion Designers book I got as a present. It was really nice; I'd never been to the FIT museum & was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to access. Inviting! & cozy; you might say "small," but I prefer "well curated." Which is to say; I am only out on my lunch break, you know? It is the perfect size for a brief excursion. Not to big, but not too modest, either. There was a Geoffrey Beene evening dress with a sort of sports blouse hiding a crystal bodice, I liked that a lot. There was some Oscar de la Renta & a Boudicca (both below) that I just wanted someone to wear, you know? Which is weird, normally I'm all about unwearable concept couture. I was like, who is this, who actually wants to see fashion on actual people? But I did! Don't worry though, mostly I thought about Oubliette, & how the Owens looked space cadet & the Pugh looked like splint mail (both above). & how the Isabel Toledo looked like an awesome kimono fusion & the Rodarte "blood in the water" dress had a nice story to go along with its nice colours. & I really liked the double collars on the peek-a-boo Prada. So yeah. It was a nice time, another secret mission I'd advise anyone in the neighborhood to go on.

"Evening blouse & skirt," by Oscar de la Renta, circa 1978; "Esemble," by Boudicca (Zowie Broach & Brian Kirkby), Fall 2006.
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