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Lords of the Cemetary!

"Citpati (Lords of the Cemetary)" by Gankhuyag Natsag, also known as Ganna.

For lunch today, Terra & I went to the Tibet House to see the art exhibit "Mongol Visions: Winged Horses & Shamanic Skies". Much better than the sort of boring "Otherworldliness" show we went to last week. I liked "Tselmuunee" by Nurmaa Tuvdendorj quite a bit. The symbology in Soyolmaa Davaakhuu's works reminded me of Owl Cave in Twin Peaks. Uranberkh Magsarmaa "River Balj" piece was really fantastic, too-- sort of had a cave painting look to it as well, come to think of it. Not to sound condescending about it; just that there was a very old school feel, a studied attempt to evoke the distant past. Bulgantuya Dechindorj-- I'm sorry, but I just...can't stop thinking about Star Wars: Episode One when I look at your work. I know, I know, George Lucas appropriated your cultures fashions, your well goes to a deeper source. I just bring my preconceptions with me, sadly. Far & away, Gankhuyang Natsag's work was my favorite; masks & sculptures that really just dazzle. The physicality, the reality of the pieces-- they aren't just meant to be left on a shelf, they are meant to be used, to be costumes, to be pieces of culture. I was really excited about them.
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