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Harry Potter & the Golden Globes.

Pros: Tilda Swinton is super wonderful. I bet she has a pearl handled pistol under that coat.
Cons: Tilda Swinton isn't Cate Blanchett, which is the only bad thing I can say about her.

Pros: That Gucci Premiere dress looks like Alexander McQueen fanfic.
Cons: I hated Evan Rachel Wood in True Blood a whole lot.

Pros: I really like that almost sea foam green & the cut of that Prada.
Cons: I want to like Zoey Deschanel but I can't quite.

Pros: Emma Stone is basically fantastic, & her eyes are like "woah, damn."
Cons: That Lanvin dress is fine, but really, Emma Stone could be wearing any C+ dress.
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