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"Let's Steal a Time Machine."

So, did last week's Leverage just have a moment where, after joking about time machines all episode, one character turned to the other & said "Bow ties are cool"? Man, colliding that show with Doctor Who fandom is just delicious. For a drama heavy events-- something that I usually despise in my bubblegum television-- that was a fantastic penultimate episode. As I've been saying, the show has really stepped its game up, & made sure to keep every episode saturated with fun, with character chemistry, with pop culture references, & with heists. Parker, Hardison & Elliot chewing on scenery? I could watch that all day long. The Die Hard gags? Keep it coming. That is sort of a snapshot of how I've been spending my time. Jenny & I finished catching up with Fringe, more or less; we didn't watch the season premiere but we did watch the previous season's finale! &...drank a couple of bottles of wine. I went to the gym on Saturday & again today; an hour & fifteen then & an hour & a half now. There was...a weird episode about temporal anomalies & an episode about an invisible guy. Neither were particularly compelling; it has been in a slump lately. Anything else? Probably. A little Animal Crossing: City Folk. Too much coffee & too much passive-aggression. Lots of talking about Fifth Edition. Oh, Saturday Night Live; that lady Lana Del Ray is pretty terrible, like an embarrassing coffee shop act, only with zillions of dollars of studio money behind it. Daniel Radcliffe was fine, but I knew he would be-- I liked those Harry Potter movies & I liked him in Equus, too. It's life, captain, but not as we know it, I guess.
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