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Black Canals, Red Mountains & White Poles.

I think the best case result for John Carter is that the "Iron Man scenario." That is-- I mean, people didn't really have anything invested in the character of Iron Man when that movie came out. It was sort of a "huh" sort of reaction from even the casual fan. The film itself was fun, tight, & well acted, & it really solidified Marvel as a content generator for films, that the Spider-Man stuff wasn't a fluke, that Marvel could do just fine on their own. & here is the thing: I really like John Carter. He's a way better character than Tony Stark. He's right up there in the pantheon of heroes with Conan of Cimmeria. Now-- I didn't get into Conan until maybe five or six years ago, & I hadn't read the Conan comics till last year, so I can tell you with adult eyes that Robert E. Howard can write the hell out of that barbarian. Similarly, Edgar Rich Burroughs really tears up the pages with John Carter. See, the gentleman of Earth is the savage of ancient Mars. I think an equally likely fate is the fate of Tron: Legacy, where people complain about it-- why do people not like Tron? That movie was fun-- but it does modestly well at the box office. I don't think it will bomb, but then, the Conan movie bombed. Heck, I didn't even see that Conan movie. I will see John Carter, & I'll spread honest buzz. I just hope the news is good. Giant white apes with four arms! Willem Dafoe as a green alien (as opposed to a Green Goblin)! It isn't part of this whole anti-science science fiction that we've had lately! Pulp adventure! Sword fights & spaceships! Even the metafiction aspect is retained! I have high hopes.
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