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The Leer of the Prickly Vegetable. (3)

Problem Sleuth, Book Three: Suitor to the Sodajerk's Confidante by Andrew Hussie.

The Death Star window--
Fluthlu! Hermit crab-like!
Elsewhere? A CHARM BREAK!

Nice to get one of the "Best Books of the Year" out of the way so early. Andrew Hussie's Problem Sleuth is absurd genius; he makes a self-deprecating comparison to Lewis Carroll, & you know, that sort of fits. The combination of madcap energy & ingenious worldbuilding-- half of the plot elements are pulled out of thin air, flying by the seat of your pants, but the other half are plotted with a glacial, Bobby Fischer-like patience, thirteen moves in advance. I won't try to mislead you; the electronic Problem Sleuth is the best format. There are animated elements that a book can suggest through sequential panels, but it isn't quite the same-- though it isn't enough of an issue to harm the book as an artifact. I really like the Problem Sleuth books, & when the Mayans come back on an asteroid in 2012 & subjugate us all with their dinosaur mounted cavalry, I'll still have the print version. Let the world burn so long as I have a store of MS Paint Adventures. Rereading this reminds me off all kinds of gems-- like the Kate Beaton spoof with Problem Sleuth summoning Henry Clay. I'd totally forgotten about that. Andrew Hussie has left one-liners & comments at the bottom of every page, & that is another piece of added value that is surprisingly worth it. He has a running gag about...collective nouns? Coining, among other things, a "complacency" of good wizards & an "obscenity" of evil wizards.

"Oh god, the fan landed. The next several books involve going to enormous lengths to plug in this giant fan, threading the cord through food trucks & peepshow windows, & then using it to stitch the universe back together across its entire breadth. & then having to wait 36 billion years for electricity to travel through it. I'm sorry everybody.
Please keep buying all my books."

Tags: books, comics, haiku, mspaint, problem sleuth

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