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The Four Blessings from the Sky: Fire, Water, Iron, Salt.

There has been a Mountain reoccurring in my dreams, lately. A specific mountain; it has been there for a long while, but lately events have started to focus around it, sort of like Gilman's Gears of the City. In my dream last night, it had a long rocky prow, a cliff like the one jutting out of the city of Gondor. There was an old primordial god there, a titan, a golem. A creature that had been made to be a god. & it took me & it made me like unto it. It aimed for Apollo, but what it got was me. Empyreal but not sunshine. There aren't a lot of dark empyreal deities that are male-- Tezcatlipoca is the only one that springs to mind, but the women reign in the night sky, as a rule. You know, I'm not a big believer in gender binary, I'm just reporting mythology's biases, here. The golem-- shaggy grey clay-- was hoping for Apollo all in gold & radiance, but he didn't even get Dionysus, rich in wine & genius. He got me as Hecate, brooding witchcraft. Hecate is one of those nouns ruined for me by a childhood spent in books. I say "He-ca-te." I can't shake it, even when I say it right in my head I hear it wrong. It isn't as bad as my tendency to say "brassiere" when I mean "brazier," though. & so the golem & I went to war. Who would cleanse the Earth of life? Who would shatter the gates of Heaven? The war of strongly worded arguments & pillars of salt, of salted earth, blood on the mantle. Ending with a long jump off the rocky plinth. Ending with the strawberry shortcake burning in the oven, ending with the exorcism of the golem, ending with pain & forgetfulness & loss. Ending with a Fall.
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