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Return of the Wardlock.

Oh my gosh how perfect is Parker in Leverage? & by the way, Leverage, congratulations on success on pulling itself into a solid B+ & A- range consistently; it has moved from being fun bubblegum television to really good bubblegum television. I like when pop culture succeeds, & the last few episodes have just been barn burners, just a bunch of fun. Oh & the guest star on "The Gold Job," do I recognize her from MTV's "Undressed"? Weird blast from the past. That is what Jenny & I did last night, watch some television while we split a bottle of wine. That, & play Animal Crossing. Modern Family was on & was pretty cute too, but I'm sorry, the gothy hipster Parker eating a giant doughnut was so twee I fell on the floor. I actually did, I had to roll around laughing. Like the internet says you do when something is great. Earlier I had gone to the gym, & I went to the gym last night, too-- just an hour & fifteen minutes each time, but keeping a steady pace. I've been getting distracted by the solitaire built into the cardio machines & not pushing as hard, so I'm working on keeping my drive up. Still on the eighty pound curl bar, too. That is about it; I've been sleeping poorly & I am exhausted & cranky. I need a bit to not be social, I think. Pull my tentacles into the cavern & sulk on my pile of gold & jewels. Starting after today, though-- I have to finished preparing for my Oubliette game. Oh, & weird bad dreams again. Remember how I had a nightmare the other week about living in a dormitory? Same thing! Different dormitory-- this was more like the way Musselman was back at Kent, or one of the Honors College gorms-- but what the heck is that? I kept thinking "I want to go home." Yes dreamself, I get it. Being an adult is awesome. I don't have a lick of Peter Pan syndrome! I like having a place to live that suits me, I like having a wife & a job that I don't hate-- all the banal stuff of life, I've done a good job of elevating it from the mundane to the sublime.
Tags: dreams, gym, leverage, television

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