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Son of a Bitch Must Pay.

The liquid accompaniment last night was a couple of bottles of red wine & some tasty beers-- Dogfish Head Raison D'etre, which I spelled right on the first try & is a decent American Belgian-style, & Left Hand Fade To Black Volume Three, a pepper porter that really was peppery! Especially if you sipped it after eating something sweet. Some of the usual crew were either sick or work-busy, so it was just me, Jenny, ranai & elladorian. Still, a very full evening! We started with Storage Wars, which was a double header of bummer. First, there was the "Brandi buying solo" episode, which ended in a bust-- as predicted, Daryl was a misogynist jerk & Dave was...well, a misanthrope. That is something I'm noticing about Dave; he's a tool, sure, & he talks a lot of smack, but he doesn't do it by calling people sexist slurs. Anyhow, the next episode was Jarrod's turn to take a bath-- hopefully we're building towards some kind of boom, some big score. I don't think the show is rigged, I should be clear-- but I should be equally clear on the fact that of course it is scripted & edited. Anyhow, after that we were browsing through Netflix Instant looking for something to watch when I spotted it-- the elusive white whale! Big Trouble in Little China. Danielle had seen it at Halloween, but I haven't seen in in years, & Maggie & Jenny had never seen it. Over some protestation, I made an executive decision & put it general amazement. "What is this movie!?" was Jenny's mantra. Just a pure sluice of quotable lines & a perfect balance of camp & craft. It made me want to watch Romancing the Stone & Shanghai Noon again. Oh man, & Shaolin Soccer! On the subject of race-- I personally am on the side that says it is spoofing tropes, much the same way that Kill Bill used grindhouse cliches as grist for the mill. I can't say there isn't Orientalism at play, but I think it is playing with it, satirizing it. Jack Burton & of course, there is the fact that, like Twilight, the movie stars tons of actual Asian people-- it isn't some white washed, racebent film. It trades on the tension between the Outsider & the Exotic, but the dialogue makes it pretty clear that it is spoofing that, acknowledging the cultural reality & spinning it into a parable...a parable with neon skulls, a confused trucker & lots of kung fu.
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